From “Social Good” to Design Justice

Presented by Victoria Barnett. Moderated by Jay Wall RGD.



As part of the 2022 So(cial) Good Design Awards program, we continue our series of webinars exploring the topic of design and social good. Shifting from thinking about “social good” as an intended outcome of a design process, we will dig into how to do better through the process itself, with an introduction to the concept of design justice. 


Hosted by Jay Wall RGD, this webinar will feature a presentation by Victoria Barnett of the Design Justice Network. With local nodes and working groups across the globe, the Design Justice Network is an international community of people and organizations who are committed to embodying and practicing the Design Justice Network Principles. The principles of Design Justice are a commitment to rethinking design processes so that they center people who are too often marginalized or overlooked in a design process. 


Victoria will unpack the 10 design justice principles and share examples of how you can put them into practice, encouraging community-based and equity-centered design that supports social change.

Presented by: 

Victoria Barnett

International Network Coordinator, Design Justice Network

Victoria is a digital graphic designer, facilitator, community organizer, and collaborator at the service of social justice initiatives. She works with and for community organizations to pull on their own creativity and resilience, to create designs that are accessible, collaborative, and needed. Her work is based on the Principles of the Design Justice Network, a community that she has supported as a volunteer, Steering Committee member, and now serves part-time as contract staff. Victoria supports and is active in various community groups based in Toronto. You can see more about her at:




Jay Wall RGD

Principal Creative Director, RallyRally x Briteweb

Jay is the founder of RallyRally, a design studio dedicated to social change. Part of Briteweb, RallyRally works with purpose-driven organizations on causes ranging from climate action to human rights advocacy to participatory urban planning. Jay was named the national winner of the 2020 ULTRABOLD Awards and his team has been recognized with three So(cial) Good Design Awards. RallyRally is RGD’s design partner for the 2022 So(cial) Good Design Awards.