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  • DesignThinkers TO 2018

    All available in the Members-only section of the website.
    • Forest Young: Future Design
    • Kat Downs Mulder: Beyond Bespoke
    • Bonnie Siegler: Dear Client - In Conversation
    • Jean-Pierre Lacroix RGD: The Irrational Customer and Brand Desire
    • Anthony Burrill: Ask Me More Questions
    • Ian Chalmers RGD: Transforming Design Research into Meaningful Design
    • Josh Higgins
    • Lisa Smith: Building a creative culture
    • Martha Cotton: The Commoditization of Empathy
    • Tosh Hall: Kinkos and Crying
    • Erin Sarofsky: The Truth about Clients
    • Panel: What does it mean to fail forward?
    • Panel: All about UX
    • Panel: Design for Social Good
    • Panel: Lessons I’d Teach My Younger Self
    • Panel: To be or not to be in-house?
    • Panel: Discrimination in the creative industry – Really?
    • Bruno Maag: Can you handle the truth?
    • Dawn Hancock: We’re all in this together
    • Matt Spangler: True North: The Compass Creative Journey
    • Alex Center: Center of Attention
    • Bonnie Siegler: Signs of Resistance
    • Ayse Birsel: Design the Work You Love
    • Alison Garnett RGD and Carolina Soderholm: Change your view and the view will change you
    • Brenda Milis: Trending Now: Why Visual Fluency is Essential for Creating Impactful Experiences
    • Ian Chalmers RGD: Transforming Design Research into Meaningful Design
    • Adrian Shaughnessy: The Designer as Publisher
    • Michelle Dougherty: Pioneers! oh Pioneers!
    • Kemp Attwood: Interactions speak louder than words
    • Mohini Datta-Ray: Thoughtful design and its healing impact
    • Angela Bains: Truthfully, our Design Industry is not Diverse — And that’s a Problem!
    • Natalie Lam: Make it til you Nake it
    • Laura Stein RGD: Basslines & Riffs
    • Jessica Bellamy: Infographics for Social Change
    • Fidel Peña RGD: Where is Canadian design going
    • Clare Brown: UnBoxing the Museum- Better Experiences through Design
    • Andrew Zolty: We build machines. Sometimes they catch fire
    • Mitch Goldstein: Unknowing
    • Michael Bierut: How To
    • John Furneaux RGD: AI and the Future of Graphic Design
    • Jessica Hische: Finding Yourself, Over and Over Again
    • Emily Cohen: It's Your Fault
  • DesignThinkers Vancouver 2018

    All available in the Members-only section of the website.
    • Do Designers use Design Thinking? - Pia Betton
    • Bigger isn't Better - Aaron Draplin
    • Creative Powerhouse: How to build and manage an empowered, creative team - Stephen Gates
    • Lightning Talk - Design Truths I Can’t Take Credit For - Ian Grais CGD 
    • Have Designers Forgotten How to Enjoy the Ride - Bob Hambly RGD
    • Towards a Total Design - Randy Hunt
    • Designing for Behaviour Change - Grace Hwang
    • Lightning Talk - The Simple Truth, or Lightning Bolts for Designers - Vida Jurcic 
    • The Needle Moves Both Ways - Michael Lejeune
    • Full Time You - Meg Lewis
    • Design For Sensory Experience - Ellen Lupton
    • In Conversation with Brian Hill and Ryan Holmes
    • Lightning Talk - The truth is, we’re all going to be replaced by bots and automation - Carson Ting
    • Lightning Talk - Canada’s truth is out there—are we listening? - Judy Snaydon
    • Future Design - Forest Young



  • DesignThinkers Toronto 2017

    All available in the Members-only section of the website.
    • Astrid Stavro: Knowing and Unknowing
    • Blake Howard: To Be Clear Is To Be Kind: Rebranding Atlanta’s Department of City Planning
    • Chris Do: Rethinking the Role of Graphic Design in the 21st Century
    • Christian Ervin: Field Notes from the Future: Designing Tomorrow’s Products and Services
    • Dewey Reid: A Modern Broadcasting Ecosystem
    • Douglas Davis: From Insights to Executions: Creative Strategy & the Business of Design
    • Emily Cohen: Building the Love
    • Emily Oberman: Design it Forward or Because, Because, Because, Because
    • Jeff Greenspan: Make What’s Important To You Important to Others
    • Jessie Kawata: Design-Thinking: Interplanetary to Earth
    • Jonathan Ford: Creative coupling: why design and desire need to be life partners
    • Kelli Anderson: The Hidden Talents of Everyday Things
    • Maria Doreuli and Ekaterina Kochkina: From Contrast with love!
    • Michael Johnson: Now Do Something Weirder
    • Mike Rigby: What will we do with this opportunity for design?
    • Nicolas Roope: Designing the Invisible
    • Nigel Holmes: A Serious Role for Fun
    • Paul Sahre: WHY
    • Reena Merchant: Non-Design Design
    • Robert Smith RGD: No Rules. No Boundaries. No Regret.
    • Robert Vargas: Let the power of self-loathing light the pathway to your success
    • Robin Honey RGD: The Art & Science of Brand Naming
    • Stephen Gates: In-House Powerhouse: Building & Managing an Empowered Internal Creative Team
    • Susan Weinschenk: Mindfulness and Micro-Moments
    • Val Head: Designing A New Reality: Chatbots, VR & Beyond
  • DesignThinkers Vancouver 2017

    All available in the Members-only section of the website.
    • Alex Schleifer: Altitudes — Designing At Every Level
    • Cap Watkins: Everything I Know
    • Chip Kidd: Can You Really?
    • Craig Mod: Thinking Outside the Book
    • Dana Cho: Healthy Design – Creating Impact Through Design Where It's Needed Most
    • Emily Lessard: Rebranding and Authenticity: How to Listen to Ghosts
    • Emily Oberman: Design It Forward or Because, Because, Because, Because
    • Ellen Wong & Mark Beechy: Regret-Proof Your Future: The Benefits Of Prioritizing Relationships
    • Kelli Anderson: The Hidden Talents of Everyday Things
    • Loni Stark: Experience-led Design: Marrying Data with Creativity
    • Maria Giudice: Remaking the Making Company
    • Min Lew: Great Design = Design Skills + Human Skills
    • Ralph Gilles: In Conversation: Scott Dadich & Ralph Gilles
    • Scott Dadich: The Wrong Theory
  • DesignThinkers 2016


    All available in the Members-only section of the website.

    • Albert Shum: Scaling Design: Catalysts for Change
    • Ashleigh Axios: #ThanksObama
    • Barry Quinn RGD: Designers: Advertising Wants and Needs You
    • Bob Calvano: Designing in a Disrupted Space
    • Bob Hambly RGD: Calming Clients’ Fear of Creativity
    • Connie Birdsall: Like Me: Our Bonds with Brands
    • Cory Doctorow: Dark Patterns and Bad Business Models: 'I Can't Let You Do That, Dave' 
    • Dan Makoski: Improbable by Design: Building an Innovation Culture
    • Emily Lessard: Branding and Authenticity: Building Visual Stories 
    • Erin Sarofsky: Sarofsky’s Top 10 Design Philosophies
    • Erik Kessels: Your Designs Could Change The World 
    • Jake Barton: The Future of Virtual is Physical
    • Lee Steffen: The Spark 
    • Leland Maschmeyer: Into The Dark  
    • Meg Lewis: Creating a Personal Brand Mission
    • Michael Hendrix: Why Some Designs Are Better Than Others, And What You Can Do About It 
    • Paola Antonelli: Are We There, Yet? A Road Trip Through Utopia
    • Rob Duncan: 10 Things You're Not Supposed To Talk About At A Design Lecture
    • Rod McDonald RGD: Positvely Grotesque 
    • Steven Heller: Making Eye Candy Into Design History - A Story of Addiction  
    • Steve Powers: Street Art Isn't Really Art and It Really Isn't Street 
    • Tim Irvine: Designing The Next Interface...The Human 
  • DesignThinkers 2015


    All available in the Members-only section of the website.

    • Andy Chen: Inclusion, Equality, Progress: Dignified Representation in Visual Culture
    • Andy Mangold: Design and Privilege
    • Art Chantry: Art Speaks Posters Yell
    • Austin Kleon: How To Steal Like An Artist
    • Emilie Baltz: You Are How You Eat
    • Emily Cohen: Aligning Expectations and Measuring Results
    • Emily Cohen: Management Strategies for In-House Creative Teams
    • Chris Dixon: Telling Stories with Words and Pictures
    • Christina Beard: The Shift: An Inside Look
    • Christopher Simmons: This is Progress
    • Coralie Bickford-Smith: How Design is Helping Put Classics in the Hands of Readers
    • Frank Chimero: Design is Borderlands
    • James Victore: Beauty and Magic
    • Jamie Myrold: Bridging the Gap Between Design and Business Requirements
    • Jean François Porchez: Adding Value to the Invisibility of Typefaces
    • Josh Clark: Magical UX and the Internet of Things
    • Karim Rashid: The Business of Beauty
    • Manuel Lima: Unraveling the Big Picture
    • Michael Lejeune: The Power of Staying Put
    • Paddy Harrington RGD: A Field Guide to Creative Adventuring
    • Sanjay Khanna and Josh McInerney RGD: Mega Brands and Mega Trends
    • Sasha Lewis: ROI of Finding Presence
    • Sebastian Padilla: Going Fast To Nowhere
  • DesignThinkers 2014


    All available in the Members-only section of the website

    • Aaron Draplin: Tall Tales from a Large Man
    • Andrew Zolty: Building Physical-Digital Products
    • Andrew Deitchman: A Well-Designed Idea
    • Andy Epstein: Drinking the Creative Kool-Aid (Tapping Into In-House Teams for Strategic Innovation)
    • Charles Adler: Stories from the Vast Fields of Creative Independence
    • Dave Holston: The Empathetic Designer (Why your next great design idea won't come from you)
    • Ellen Lupton: This is Your Brain on Typography
    • Erik Spiekermann: Keeping the A**hole Factor Down
    • Henry Hobson: Creative Journey: Designing for Film to Directing Film
    • Javier Mariscal: Colours 
    • Jessica Walsh: Creative Play
    • Joseph Duffy: The Design Process Made Simple
    • Karen McGrane: Content in A Zombie Apocalypse
    • Marty Neumeier: Metaskills - Five Talents for the Robotic Age
    • Philippe Apeloig: Typorama Story (Slides Only, No Audio) 
    • Richard Turley: Let's Talk About Me
    • Todd Waterbury: Belief to Behaviour
  • DesignThinkers 2013


    All available in the Members-only section of the website

    • Alex Trochut: More is More
    • Austin McGhie: Brand is a Four Letter Word
    • Bruce Nussbaum: Creativity = Strategy 
    • Chris Chapman: Purpose, Passion & Penguins
    • Cyrus Highsmith: Similar But Different 
    • Darhil Crooks: Print in the Digital Age
    • David Berman RGD: How To Make The Entire Planet Your Client
    • Dmitri Siegel: Dirtbag Design
    • Elizabeth Pastor: The Other Design Thinking
    • Emily Cohen: Best Practice Strategies Any Design Firm Should Know
    • Jenn & Ken Visocky O'Grady: What's Your Design Worth
    • John Kieselhorst: Made. On A Mission. 
    • Karin Fong: Heroes - Super, Design, Real and Imaginary
    • Matteo Bologna: Branding from a Type Nerd Point of View
    • Morag Myerscough: Belonging
    • Nicholas Felton: Feltron Reporting
    • Pierre Bernard: The Matchmaker
    • riCardo Crespo: Why Are You?
    • Robert Fabricant: Mission-Driven Innovation
    • Shawn Petersen: Passion + Tinkering = Innovation
    • So(cial) Good Design Awards Case Studies
  • DesignThinkers 2012


    All available in the Members-only section of the website

    • Andy Pratt: Digital Branding
    • Chris Hacker: Making a Difference Through Design
    • Christopher Simmons: How to Build a Park (*and other stories)
    • David Butler: Embracing Complexity
    • Gabor Schreier: Clarity and Courage
    • Glenn John Arnowitz: Going It Alone
    • Glenn John Arnowitz: Selling Your In-House Creative Department
    • Harry Pearce: Ideas That Have Found Me
    • Jason Tselentis: Electronic Media Essentials Then and Now
    • Julia Hoffmann: Non-profit + In-house + Low Budget = Creativity
    • Justin Ferrell: 5+5=x or x+x=10
    • Kris Sowersby: The Typographic Magpie
    • Lisa Strausfeld: Data, News and Design
    • Mike Kruzeniski: Think to Make
    • Nadine Chahine: Engaging with the Middle East
    • Oscar Tillman & Nicole Muniz: The Value of Digital Production
    • Randy Hunt: Data. Intuition.
    • Sean Adams: How I Got From There to Here (The 3 Fs)
    • Sophie Thomas: The Great Recovery
    • Stefan Sagmeister: Design and Happiness
    • Tom Eslinger: Right Here, Right Now - Design and Mobile Experiences
    • Stanley Hainsworth: We Are the Stories We Tell
    • David MacKay: Measuring the business value of design
    • William Poundstone: Priceless: How to Set a Value on a Creative Professional's Time
    • Aaris Sherin: Better Design With Colour
    • Aaris Sherin: Design Reset
    • Jason Bruges: Art Design Architecture Thinking
    • Jessica Hische: Drop Caps and LOL Cats
    • Rob Giampietro: The Uses of Metaphor
    • George Lois: Has "Design Thinking" become an Oxymoron?
    • Christian Schwartz: Obsessions in Type Design
    • Eric Ryan: The Method method
    • Robert Wong: Crap I Think About At Google
    • Richard Morrison: 2001 – 2011: A Digital Odyssey
    • Steve Edge: Lateralism
    • Ivan Chermayeff, Tom Geismar and Sagi Haviv: Designed to Endure
    • Eddie Opara: Draw your own conclusions
    • Craig Mod: Designing for the Future Book
    • David C. Baker: Position Your Firm/Practice to Make Yourself Indispensable
    • Allan Haley: Cheap Type Tricks
    • Rei Inamoto: Designing a Culture of Innovation
    • Deborah Adler: Designing Change
    • Chip Kidd: You Can Turn the Page But You Can't Turn it Off
    • Brian Collins and Leland Maschmeyer: Good Design for Good
    • Alina Wheeler: Brand You
    • Alina Wheeler: In Process We Trust
    • Allan Haley: Bach, Fonts and Rock & Roll
    • Andrew Blauvelt: Museum as Design Platform
    • Angus Hyland: In the Dimension of the Present Moment
    • Armin Vit: How to Build an Unconventional Design Career
    • Chris Chapman: The Un-Guide to Creativity, Innovation and Brainstorming
    • Darrel Rhea: Insights to Innovation
    • David Turner: Iconic Design
    • Dmitri Siegel: You Can't Design Your Way Out Of This
    • Emily Oberman & Bonnie Siegler: 17x17x17
    • Helen Walters: Design and Business - The Bottom Line
    • Jeni Herberger: Creating a Profit Centre
    • Jenn & Ken Visocky O'Grady: What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Does That Mean? 
    • Khoi Vinh: Digital Killed the Art Director Star
    • Roger Martin: Creating Value Through Design Thinking
    • Scott Dadich: WIRED's Digital Rebirth
    • Scott Thomas: Designing Obama 
    • Tony Davidson: One D or Two?
    • Daniel Schutzman: The Good Web
    • David Labistour: Considering Design
    • Emily Ruth Cohen: Building, Managing and Nourishing Your Internal Design Team
    • Gayle Towey and Stephen Doyle: Territory of the Senses
    • Jacqueline Evans: Changing The Way We Think
    • Jean-Pierre Lacroix RGD: Making Your Firm 'Mighty'
    • John Bredenfoerer: Colour Strategy
    • Kyle Cooper: Listening to the Work
    • Luke Williamson: Crossing Over
    • Marty Neumeier: Are You Zagging or Lagging?
    • Monique Gamache: The Quirk Behind the Brand
    • Nathan Shedroff: Design Is The Problem
    • Robert Brunner: Ideas, Not Just Objects
    • Steven Heller: Iron Fists
    • V Sunil: Cutting Through The Red Tape
    • Warren Berger: An Outsider's Journey Inside The Design Mind


    • Panel: The Future of Work
    • Panel: Mistakes I Have Made in My Design Career
    • Panel: Workplace How-Tos
    • Panel: What Comes After School?
    • Panel: Starting Your Own Business
    • Panel: How Creative People Arrive At Ideas
    • Panel: Advancing Your Career
    • Panel: Beyond Design
    • Panel: Creativity and Inspiration
    • Panel: Getting a Job
    • Panel: Industry Trends
    • Technology, Trends and the Fountain of Youth (Adam Antoszek-Rallo RGD) / Get the Job You Want and Keep It (Brent Long RGD) 
    • Getting Noticed (Christine Lu) / Pricing and Negotiating (Stussy Tschudin RGD) 
    • Typography Trends (Dominic Ayre) / Welcome to Reality (Barry Quinn RGD)
    • Fun-Employed (Julian Brown RGD) / Interdisciplinary Design (Antonio Lennert Prov RGD and Symon Oliver)
    • Why Are You? (riCardo Crespo)
    • Resume Writing (Theresa Perrotta) / Networking (Lesli Scott)
    • Panel: Becoming a Design Entrepreneur 
    • Resume Writing for Creative Professionals (Adele Wootten) / How to Prepare a Design Portfolio, and You! (Dominic Ayre)
    • Trends in Branding (Barry Quinn RGD)
    • Panel: Becoming a Design Entrepreneur
    • Outside the Box: A Look at the Future of Retail Packaging Design (Robert Smith RGD)
    • Panel: Effective Interviews and Internships
    • Panel: Getting a Job
    • The World is Going Mobile (Jeremy Linskill RGD) / The Art of Presenting and Negotiating (Marawan El-Asfahani RGD)
    • Succeeding in a Career in Motion Design (Julian Brown RGD) / Trends in Advertising (Dave Tupper)
    • Design and the Importance of Blah Blah Blah (Matteo Bologna)
    • Project Management in the Creative Industry (Dave Younger)
    • The First 120 Months of KarlssonWilker Inc. (Hjalti Karlsson)
    • More Than Words: How Writers and Designers Can Learn to Play Well Together (Doug Dolan)
    • Online Portfolios (Ben Weeks)
    • The Hidden Power of Networks (Paddy Harrington RGD)
    • Gen Y: What New Millennium Workers Want (Aviva Stiavnicky)
    • Working with Artists, Photographers and Illustrators (Claire Dawson RGD and Fidel Pena RGD)
    • Panel: Creativity
    • Panel: Firm Owners
    • Panel: Industry Trends
    • Getting the Most Out of Creative Teams (John Furneaux RGD)
    • Keeping Your Team Passionate and Motivated (Mikey Richardson RGD)
    • Breaking the Typographic Rules (Richard Hunt)


  • 'Accessible Information Design' with Michael J. Young RGD (2016)

    Designing Better: Using the power of design to recreate social systems for the people who need them' with Lorraine Randell (2016)

    '10 Tips for an Accessible Website' with Sandi Gauder (2015)

    'Accessibility and Compliance: An Overview' with Michael J. Young RGD (2015)

    • The Importance of Domain Names to Branding' presented by Andrew Merriam (2016)
    • 'The Success of Brand Communication' with Glenda Rissman RGD and Peter Scott RGD (2016)
    • 'Brand Integrity & Stewardship' with Paddy Harrington RGD (2016)
    • 'Branding not Blanding' with Kevin Budelmann (2015)
    • 'How to Create Vision and Values That Don't Suck' with Josh Greenhut (2015)
    • 'Personal Branding and Our Obsession with Being Liked' with Mel Lim (2015)
    • 'Navigating the New Brandscape - What Every Designer Needs to Know' (2014)
    • 'Great Brands Aren't Just For Clients' with John Furneaux RGD (2014)
    • 'Brewing Up A Brand: How to Work With SME Clients' with Robin Honey RGD (2014)
    • 'New Perspectives on Branding' with Tony Brinton and Julia Sloan (2013)
    • 'Creating the Challenger and Brands of the Future' with Tess Wicksteed (2013)
    • 'What Makes a Great Mark' with Steff Geissbuhler (2013)
    • 'Building Iconic Brands' with Jorge Calleja (2013)
    • 'Building Brand Identity Buy-In' with Mary Jane Braide and Josh Greenhut (2013)
  • Challenges of Design Firm Owners' with Vanessa Eckstein, Ben Hagon, Ric Riordon and Jennifer Taback (2016)

    'Exploring Careers for Designers' with Theresa Casarin (2016)



    'Negotiating an Awesome Salary' with John Furneaux (2015)

    'Following the Green: Budgeting and Keeping Costs Under Control for Creative Projects' with David Younger (2012)


    Business Practices: 

    'Social Media Business Development for Design Studios' with Randall Craig (2016)

    'Research for Interaction - Using Research Workshops to Win New Clients' with Jamie Steane (2014)

    'Marketing Your Design Firm' with JP Lacroix RGD (2014)

    Retainer Agreements: Are They For You? with Ilise Benun, (2014)

    'Best Practices in Winning New Business' with Jeff Swystun (2013)

    'Integrating Design Thinking Into Your Business Routines' with Steve Sato (2013)

    '9 'Aha' Marketing Moments: A Business Development Case Study' with Ilise Benun and Jennifer Neal (2012)

    'Personal Productivity: GET MORE!' with Pam Bryan (2012)

    'From Solo Freelancer to Design Firm Owner' with Ilise Benun and Jonathan Cleveland (2012)

    'Tradesman 2.0' with Rich Pauptit and Karen Oikonen RGD (2012)

    'Is Your Website Generating Business?' with Ilise Benun and Mark O'Brien (2011)

    'Thought Leadership' with Ilise Benun (2010)

    'What Makes a Marketing Smart Website?' with Ilise Benun (2010)

    'Designing for Success: You Deserve To Get Paid' with Patricia Szwed, KMB (2010)

    'Your Marketing Plan for this Year' with Ilise Benun (2010)

    'How to Effectively Respond to an RFP' with Allan Cutler (2010)


    Client Relations:

    Designing Better: Using the power of design to recreate social systems for the people who need them' with Lorraine Randell (2016)

    'Developing a Client Roster' with Ben Hagon RGD (2016)

    'Show Me Don't Tell Me' with Dave Holston (2015)

    '5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Prospect Before You Even THINK Of Meeting' with Rhonda Page (2015)

    'Getting Along with Clients' with Kurt Krumme (2014)

    'What Clients Want' with Stussy Tschudin RGD (2013)
    'How to Better Communicate with Clients' with Bob Hambly RGD (2013)

    'How to Find Your Next 'Best' Client' with Laural Carr RGD (2012)

    'Talking Money with Clients' with Ilise Benun (2010)

    '5 Questions Your Clients Will Ask During Your Logo Presentation' with Bob Hambly (2014)



    'Freelancing Success' with Kimi Abdullah, Creative Niche (2014)

    'Designing as Entrepreneur' with Steven Heller (2011)

    'Networking: It's Who You Know and How You Connect' with Ilise Benun (2010)



    Canada's New Anti-Spam Law: Are You Ready? with WeirFoulds LLP (2014)

    'Designing for Success: You Deserve to Get Paid' with KMB (2012)

    'Employee Contracts 101: Ties That Bind?' with Megan Burkett, KMB (2012)

    'Social Networks and Your Workplace' with KMB (2012)

    'Update on Copyright Act Reform' with Ashlee Froese (2011)

    'Advanced Trademarks: Taking Your Brand to the Next Level' with Ashlee Froese (2011)

    'Contract Workforces' with Stephen Hodges (2011)

    'Understanding Retail Sales Tax' with Cyndee Todgham Cherniak (2009)


    Presentation Skills:

    'Death by Powerpoint' with Ben Hagon RGD (2013)

    'Persuasive Presentations' with Barry Quinn RGD (2013)

    'Improving Your Career with Persuasive Presentations' with Nancy Duarte (2013)



    Creative Briefs: Are You Doing It Right?' with Wendy Millard RGD (2016)

    'The Art of Proposal Writing' with Shel Perkin (2014)

    'The End of the Written Proposal' with Blair Enns (2013)

    'How One Design Firm Wins 67% of Proposals Submitted' with Allison Manley and Ilise Benun (2013)

    'RFIs, RFPs and Creative Briefs' with Emily Ruth Cohen (2011)

    'Proposals' with Ilise Benun (2010)



    'Administering A Small Business' with Eli Gembom (2015)

    'Start-Ups: What You Need to Know' with Dianna Thorne, Targets Accounting (2014)

    'Accelerating Your Side Projects' with Jason Tselentis (2014)



    'Web Analytics: Understanding the Basics' with Vincent Galante (2015)

    'Typesetting with Microsoft Word: Translating Design Into Word' with Bill McLean (2014)



    'Designing for Better Health' presented by Kristin Foster (2016)

    '3 Essential Steps to Landing More Clients Faster Than You Think Possible' presented by Craig Severinsen (2016)

    'The Power of Effective Imagery' with Adam Shutsa and Josh Vogel (2016)

    'Gaining Respect as a Design Thinker' with Dave Holston (2016)

    Designing Better: Using the power of design to recreate social systems for the people who need them' with Lorraine Randell (2016)

    Attracting Media in a Digital World' with Jon Packer (2016)

    'Community Projects: A Framework to Build Impact' with Marc O'Brien (2016)

    'Digital Marketing: The Designer's Edge' with Tim Robertson (2015)

    'A Guide to PR Essentials' with Jon Packer (2015)

    'Collaborating with Photographers' with Bob Hambly (2015)

    'Information Design Best Practices - Playing at the Intersection of Data & Design' with Stefan Popowycz and Christopher Moorehead (2015)

    'Collaborative Games for Strategic Designers' with Dave Holston (2014)

    'How to Get People to Do Stuff' with Susan Weinschenk (2013)

    'Collaborative Games: An Alternative to Conventional Focus Groups' with Steve Sato (2013)

    'How to Use Colour as a Strategic Tool' with Paul Haft (2013)

    Writing for Designers' with Jason Tselentis (2012)

    'Creating Persuasive Interactions: The Alchemy of Content and Design' with Jeff Swystun (2012)

    'From Ideas to Game Plan: Scoping and Scheduling Creative Projects' with David Younger (2012)

    'Getting it Done: What to Do Well and What to Avoid When Running Creative Projects' with David Younger (2012)

    'Scoping an Interactive Project (When the Client Doesn't Know What They Need)' with Ilise Benun and Erin Pheil (2012)

    'The Power of Project Debriefs' with Jennifer Miller (2011)

    'Tips, Tricks and Tools for Sustainable Design Solutions' with Aaris Sherin (2011)

    'Who's Your System?' with Jeannette Hanna (2011)

    'New Methods of Collaborative Design' with Mary Jane Braide (2011)

    'Working with Illustrators' with Bob Hambly (2011)

  • 'Systems Thinking 101: Designing for the Age of Interdependence' with Jeannette Hanna and Lynn Fletcher (2016)

    'Thinking Through Making' with Gunnar Swanson (2013)

    'Disruptive Design' with Tony Brinton and Julia Sloan (2013)

    Design Drawing: Renewed Potential in Design Education' with Timothy Samara (2012)

    'From Idea to Market: The Design of Entrepreneurship' with Steven Heller and Lita Talarico (2012)

    'Traditional to Unrecognizable' with Elliot Earls (2012)

  • 'Challenges of In-House Design part 2' with Mark Cohen, Andrew Davies, Kelly Nicoll and Wendy Millard RGD (2016)

    'Challenges of In-House Design' with Tina Mackenzie RGD, Kelly Nicoll, Dianne Semark and Wendy Millard RGD (2016)

    'Speaking the In-House Language' presented by Jason Tselentis (2016)

    'Change Leadership' presented by Andy Epstein (2015)

    'Keeping your In-House Design Team Productive and Inspired' presented by Wendy Millard RGD (2015)

    'Building and Evolving Creative Teams' presented by Randy Hunt (2015)

    'Misconceptions About In-House Design' presented by Morgan Rose Prov. RGD (2015)

    'Insider Secrets for Managing Your In-House Design Team' with Wendy Millard (2014)

    'CRM In-House Style - Client Management Strategies and Tactics' with Andy Epstein (2014)

    'Keeping Your In House In Order' with Andy Epstein (2014)

    'Make Them Want To Work With You' with David Gee (2014)

    'Organizational / Staff Management Structures & Strategies for In-House Teams' with Emily Cohen (2011)

    • 'What I Wish I Knew When I Was Graduating From Design School' with Chad Weiss Provisional RGD (2016)

    • 'What I Wish I Knew When I Was Graduating From Design School' with Heather Stokes Provisional RGD (2016)

    • 'What I Wish I Knew When I Was Graduating From Design School' with Hayden Aube Provisional RGD (2016)

    • 'Making Beautiful Books for Clients Large and Small' with Dan Milnor and Alex Palacios (2016)
    • 'What's After Authenticity in Stock Photography?' with Adam Stutsa (2016)
    • 'Materials and Magic' with Andy Pratt (2015)
    • 'Where Can Design Take You?' with Paddy Harrington (2015)
    • 'Designer as Catalyst' with Matthew Munoz (2015)
    • 'Design Your Tomorrow' with Denise Bosler (2014)
    • 'Where Do Your Ideas Come From? with Stephen Jurisic (2014)
    • 'Design, Innovation and Transformation' with Kathryn Best (2014)
    • 'Creative Bootcamp' with Stefan Mumaw (2014)
    • 'Font Design' with Rod McDonald (2014)
    • Designing the Editorial Experience' with Sue Apfelbaum and Juliette Cezzar (2014)
    • 'The 46 Rules of Genius' with Marty Neumeier (2014)
    • 'The Design Process Made Simple' with Joseph Duffy IV (2014)
    • 'Transforming Data Into Information' with Isabel Meirelles (2013)
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