10 reasons to get your RGD Certification

Review a comparison of the various categories of RGD Membership and the benefits associated with each here.


You can also download a one-pager on what it means to be an RGD and include it in proposals and with contracts.


Here are what our Members have to say about why they are RGDs

1. Learning
“Joining RGD was a way to access the broader design community and connect with fellow creative professionals. It pushed me to learn aspects of design I'd previously not been exposed to, and stay up to date in a quickly-changing industry. Plus I've always wanted to have a suffix next to my name, and now I do!”Dan Lebl RGD
2. Connection
“Being an RGD member has given me the opportunity to connect and tap into the network of inspiring creatives. Being involved in the Education Committee has also allowed me to collaborate with other members to actualize meaningful initiatives to support and build the creative community.”Tomomi Lo RGD


3. Pride

“I am an RGD because of the immense support and pride it gives me professionally. The association provides a wealth of resources I couldn't possibly acquire all on my own — whether through the materials available as an RGD or through the annual DesignThinkers conference, which is a wonderful way to reacquaint oneself with the current affairs of graphic design, and learn how other designers in Canada and around the world do their work and do it well. The support provided by the three designated letters should not be underestimated — it's small, but mighty. To do good design is to be challenged daily — professionally and personally. To know that you have been vetted and are part of a professional organization dedicated to the welfare and betterment of graphic design, this is a privilege and a responsibility I am delighted to have.”April San Juan RGD
4. Strength in Numbers
“I'm an RGD because I believe we are stronger together. I care about inclusion and accessibility. Design for everyone, the right way. I respect all that RGD values and after 15+ years of being in the industry, it's nice to be recognized and accredited for it. I see being certified under RGD as an opportunity to keep growing as a designer and a business, to continue to learn from others, and to give back to the community.”Mel Sutjiadi RGD
5. Credibility
“Being an RGD provides more credibility to my Graphic Design title. I am able to tell potential clients that I am educated, experienced and that I am up to par with RGD rigorous standards.”Linda Tran RGD
6. Demonstration of Commitment
“Being an RGD is a commitment to upholding the highest standards of excellence, ethics and best practices in our industry. It is the best way to join the collective effort of hundreds of talented peers to keep our profession vital, relevant and effective.”Eduardo Trejos RGD
7. Investment in the Future
“Design is integral to good business, and RGD Membership is an investment in the future of design. The industry benefits from the organization's certification of member's professional qualifications, ethical standards and promotion of the value and importance of clear visual communication.”Danielle Jones RGD
8. Growth
“Being an RGD has given my business the opportunity to expand into larger markets and network with many like-minded designers.”Tim Lum RGD
9. Belonging
“I believe designers are stronger together, and the sense of belonging, understanding and community is undeniable at RGD. I value higher standards in our practice, because it means good work done in good faith is being put out into our world.”Lawrence Ly RGD
10. Letters after your name!
“Truth be told, I like having the 3 letter initials after my name :) On my business cards, and my e-mail signature, I have “Denny Kurien, MFA, RGD”. The question I get asked the most is, “what is RGD?”. It’s a great conversation starter.”Denny Kurien RGD

As a sole proprietor I especially value the connection RGD provides to the larger design community. Being a member helps me keep up with trends and keeps me inspired! The annual DesignThinkers Conference is a favourite event. Each year, influential speakers from a variety of different disciplines remind me to think of design as it relates to all aspects of life and inspire me to consider new possibilities within my creative practice. 


- See more at: http://www.rgd.ca/2015/03/12/why-is-jennifer-laing-an-rgd.php#sthash.IUNVke0Y.dp
I currently work at a small design studio where we have a large portion of government clients with strict accessibility standards. We often refer to the AccessAbility Handbook and keep up to date with the latest requirements through webinars and events hosted by RGD. In a situation where we were unable to find answers to very specific questions, the RGD team promptly directed us to members who were able to help us. This connection eventually led to great collaboration and teamwork that quickly resolved the issues at hand. Indeed an excellent example of comradery, even amongst competitors. - See more at: http://www.rgd.ca/2015/04/15/why-is-emerald-lee-an-rgd.php#sthash.9Ywe6BSo.dp
When I moved to a smaller city to practice and raise my family in 2007, I missed my connection with the greater design community. I missed my people! Soon, I reached out and strengthened my involvement with RGD. I joined the Ethics, Webinar and Eastern Ontario Committees, hosted several Future By Design webcast events locally, and served a term on the Board of Directors with some incredibly smart and passionate folks. - See more at: http://www.rgd.ca/2014/01/22/why-is-erin-boyce-an-rgd.php#sthash.JvfbGksT.dpuf 
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