Distinguish Yourself as a Certified RGD

Certified RGDs have a demonstrated understanding of business best practices, accessible design principles, research methods and ethics, and the application of strategic design principles to marketing and communications challenges.


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Admin Fee*: $169.50 (includes 13% tax)
Annual Dues: $378.55 (includes 13% tax)

* A one-time fee applied only after your application has been approved.


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• Become a Certified RGD by November 16: 
Get a Pantone Formula Guide and $100 gift certificate at Swipe ($300 value)

• Become a Certified RGD by December 14: 
Get 100% off your 2019 dues ($335 value)

• Become a Certified RGD by March 22: 
Free registration to DesignThinkers 2019 VAN ($400 value)


How long does it take?

You can go through the process in as little as 1 week, if information is provided in a timely fashion, or as much as 6 months if you require more time to move from one step to the next.


What is the process?
RGD Certification involves 4 steps:

1. Apply to determine eligibility

2. Take an open book, multiple-choice 80-minute Online Test

3. Present 6 pieces or your work virtually to 3 senior practitioners over 30 minutes

4. Receive your results and join RGD



 if you are concerned about visual and hearing impairments, physical and mobility limitations, medical and mental health disorders and/or learning disabilities, so that we may work with you to equalize your RGD Certification Experience. Once self-identification of any issues occurs, we will work with you to develop an accommodation plan. Confidentiality is maintained within the parameters of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Legislation.



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