Portfolio Case Studies


As part of your application, you must submit 6 Case Studies (download fillable pdf form) for the 6 projects that you will present in your Portfolio Presentation.


Criteria for Projects

- All 6 projects must have been completed as a professional (not as a student) and cannot include work created for academic credit.

- All 6 projects should demonstrate your highest level of professional work that consistently demonstrates your command of the basic principles of:

(a) usability (ease of use, website navigation, readability, appropriate for target audience, accessibility, appropriate use of technology)
(b) composition (use of grids, visual hierarchy, balance and contrast, visual impact, fluid flow of information)
(c) typography (readability and legibility, kerning, choice of typeface, typographic craftsmanship and best practices)
(d) imagery (scaling and cropping, reproduction quality, choice of photography/illustration, art direction quality, photo/image editing)
(e) colour (strategic use of colour, understanding of colour theory

- Practitioners should demonstrate an ability to develop and implement solutions to complex problems encountered in all phases of the design process.

- Managers should demonstrate an ability to develop and implement effective design management strategies.

- Educators should focus on teaching and research, demonstrating an ability to develop and implement effective teaching strategies.


Project Guidelines

- Must include 1 piece produced in the last 12 months; 2 others produced in the last 5 years.

- Can include up to 2 pro bono projects for which the design process was the same as for paid work

- Can include up to 1 project of self-published design

Case Studies

You must submit case studies for each of your 6 portfolio pieces. Each case study must include the following:

- visual reference to the piece in a high enough resolution it can be reasonably reviewed on a computer monitor

- a description of your role and contribution to the project (if you were in a team, how you fit into that team); project objectives; target audience; concept; an overview of design issues; an overview of the design process; the outcome/results of the process

- date when produced


Download examples of Case Studies submitted by now-Certified RGDs.