Portfolio Rationales

As part of your application, you must submit 6 Rationales as a Design Practitioner; Design Manager OR Design Educator for the 6 projects that you will present in your Portfolio Presentation.


Criteria for Pieces

- Select 6 projects that demonstrate your highest level of professional work.

- Practitioners should demonstrate an ability to develop and implement solutions to complex problems encountered in all phases of the design process.

- Managers should demonstrate an ability to develop and implement effective design management strategies.

- Educators should focus on teaching and research, demonstrating an ability to develop and implement effective teaching strategies.


Specific Requirements

- All 6 projects must have been completed as a professional (not as a student) and cannot include work created for academic credit.

- 1 piece must have been produced in the last 12 months; 2 others must have been produced in the last 5 years.

- Maximum 2 pro bono projects for which the design process was the same as for paid work may be included

- Maximum 1 project of self-published design may be included

Written Rationales

You must submit written rationales for each of your 6 portfolio pieces. Each rationale must include the following:

- visual reference to the piece in a high enough resolution it can be reasonably reviewed on a computer monitor

- a description of your role and contribution to the project (if you were in a team, how you fit into that team); project objectives; target audience; concept; an overview of design issues; an overview of the design process; the outcome/results of the process

- date when produced



Please review the following examples to get a sense of what is expected:

- Alison Garnett RGD - Jeep EcoDiesel Calcutor (submitted through the Practitioner form with links to images on her site)

- Steve Garwood RGD - 150 King Branding (as above)

- Alan Krpan RGD - GE Digital Energy Signage & Wayfinding (as above)

- Jennifer Cross RGD - Good Gravy / Artisan Food Co. (submitted through form with images sent as a file)

- Ashley McCarthy RGD - OMAHA EP release campaign (submitted through the form but as a single pdf document with text and images incorporated)

- What is expected of Educators relates to the Educator Case Studies submitted by RGD Members.