The CRC favours images of people helping people. Although that imagery remains in the annual report, I encouraged them to include more photos of the disasters they responded to. I felt this helped contextualize the CRC’s work while underscoring the gravity of these crises.
Domino Creative
Member since
February 1, 1998
Other Capabilities
Branding, Web
Client Specialty
Consumer Goods, Healthcare, Professional Services
Languages Covered
English, French
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Company Description
I’ve got nearly three decades of professional design experience. I ran a design consultancy for 15 years, published a magazine, then returned to my design roots with Domino Creative in 2011. A die-hard entrepreneur, I’ve been a member of RGD since 1998. I was president of the board from 2007 to 2009
Why am I an RGD?
RGD was one of the first associations to focus on the business side of design. Yes, its members are creative people, but we are also business people who solve business problems. This distinction is important to me and many of my clients.
What is my most memorable RGD moment?
I was honoured to introduce Luke Hayman from Pentagram at a DesignThinkers conference a few years ago. I told him about wanting to start a magazine. A day later, he gave me a copy of a 1950's book called "How to Start a Magazine", which he’d found at a vintage bookstore. It was a fun gag and I was touched that he’d remembered and was encouraging me to follow my dream.
Why am I a designer?
Remember Darren from "Bewitched"? (Yes, I've been around that long.) He was my first influence, even though he was more of an ad guy. He got me hooked on the design process with his drive to communicate through visuals and typography.

To me, design is the original social media. It’s a conversation — people (clients) talking to people (audiences). I suppose that’s why I favour compelling stories over key messages. The latter is what most organizations want to deliver; the former is what most people want to hear.
Why should you hire me?
Experience counts, and I’ve got plenty. I’m calm under pressure and excel at devising creative solutions to complex business challenges. Bonus: I’m an accredited sommelier. The wine advice is free.
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