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Developing a Client Roster presented by Ben Hagon RGD
  • RGD Handbook
    The Business of Graphic Design: A Professional's Handbook is the first and only comprehensive Canadian guide to maintaining a graphic design business. Look for the 3rd edition in early 2015.
  • More than 4.4 million Canadians live with a disability. RGD is helping lead the way to a more accessible province through support of and education on accessibility in visual communications.
  • RGD believes that sustainability should play a large role in the work of designers and other creatives.
  • 2014 Creative Earners
    RGD produces a bi-annual survey and summary of Salaries & Billing Practices in the Canadian Creative Industry. Check out the 2014 CreativeEarners report - out now at www.creativeearners.ca!
  • Porter is proud to offer a 10% discount on available base fares for travel to and from DesignThinkers 2016. Porter has revolutionized short-haul flying and been awarded the title of 'Best Small Airline in the World' by Condé Nast.
  • "Advertising Opportunities"
    Showcase your products and services to the Canadian graphic design industry by sponsoring RGD.
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  • Depositphotos offers over 50 million high-quality royalty-free stock images and high-definition footage at the best prices to fill all your creative needs. Take advantage of this limited-time 15% discount!
  • RGD depends on strength in numbers to speak effectively on behalf of the profession. Lend your support by joining our ranks.

Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD)
96 Spadina Avenue, Suite 210
Toronto ON M5V 2J6 Canada

Phone: 1 888 274 3668
Toronto: 416 367 8819

  • Executive Director
    Hilary Ashworth,
    ext. 23
  • Director of Communications & Development
    Michelle Pereira,
    ext. 26
  • Communications
    Kim Wells,
    ext. 28
  • COO & Director of Membership
    Heidi Veri,
    ext. NEW 27
  • RGD Certification
    Caitlin Plewes,
    ext. 24
  • Creative Director
    Karin Heinsch RGD,
    ext. 25
  • Membership
    Zaria Pucknell,
    ext. 22
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