2020/2021 Committee Report
RGD logo with Designers Supporting Designers to the right beside it
Presented by Julian Brown RGD, VP Communications at RGD's AGM on April 24, 2021

Pdf of accompanying presentation


Social Media
Instagram is up by 1,987 to 9,820
Almost at 10k!
LinkedIn is up by 2,801 to 12,476
Twitter is up past 10k to 12,200


Sissa Morgado Provisional RGD - IG Highlights Designs
Andrew Boardman RGD - DT Videos


We’ve been primarily focused on LinkedIn and Instagram, member spotlights and regular engagement, we’ve seen massive increases on both platforms.  Double digit growth across all of these. We’re still working towards 10,000 on IG which unlocks powerful new features. It’s worth mentioning that we did break 10,000 on Twitter this year!


Social Media Pt. 2
IG Live response has been positive - avg 200-300
RGD’s 1st filter coming soon!
Clubhouse / Twitter Spaces - Experimenting, stay tuned!


Volunteer Shout-outs:
Nicola Hamilton RGD, Priyanka Chanda Prov. RGD
Faron Dawe RGD, Amanda DeVries RGD


We want to grab the attention of an ever-increasing portion of practicing designers.
Keep up with new tech, push new ideas while we uphold the ethics & professionalism on which RGD is built.


Slack Private Community
50+% growth for three years in a row since starting in 2018
57 Channels - 36 public, 21 private
2021 so far - 8199 messages, 145 active Members weekly

Volunteer Shout-outs:
Chelsey Stuart-Duval RGD


RGD Slack Community was initiated in April 2018. Growth has been high since (only a few hundred total messages in that first year). An amazing resource, a secure place to reach out to other members, and a LOT of talk about accessibility!


RGD Word Newsletter
22,975 subscribers
2021 Stats - 30% open rate, 5% click-thru
New Project Submission Form - rgd.ca/submit


Volunteer Shout-outs:
ALL the amazing contributors in 2020!!!
David Nuff RGD, Marc Lauriault RGD - Edits/Notes


According to our member dues survey, the newsletter is our most important connection with our members, and 10,000+ other subscribers. The staff has put tons of resources into continually raising the quality, and my committee helps out wherever we can.


Always looking for new contributors to write for the newsletter (Project Features, Top 5, Resource List, Elevating Design Voices, etc). Contact Rushika pr@rgd.ca


Stats similar to prev. years - 127,000 users, 2m 19s avg time
New & Improved RGD Website - Audit/Interviews complete, Looking for partner


Volunteer Shout-outs: Alison Garnett RGD - Interviews; Wade Gilpin RGD - Video research


Traffic to the website has been holding steady. In the interest of audience growth, the Committee worked on an audit & interviews this year. We’re currently compiling insights with the goal of completing a brief for a future renovation of the website.


Thanks to our Design Partners
2020 Partners:
Rod McDonald RGD Certification Sticker 2020
Russell Gibbs RGD Creative Directions 2020
Sid Lee So(cial) Good Awards 2020
Office of Gilbert Li Handbook Edition
B3 Strategy Ultrabold Awards
john st. DesignThinkers 2020
2021 Partners:
Mel Sutjiadi RGD Certification Sticker 2021
Wedge Student Awards 2021
Studio Millie Creative Directions 2021
Canada Life In-House Conference 2021
Herschel In-House Awards 2021
Bruce Mau Design  DesignThinkers 2021


Member Logo Usage Guidelines
Multi-page PDF w/ logo files - Separate documents for each membership level. Includes naming, profile and other best practices


Volunteer Shout-outs:
Jack Henry Prov. RGD, Meg Lynch RGD, Jessica Vitale RGD


Video Partners
UltraBOLD Awards - Storia Photo + Video
Profiles of all 7 finalists, and Winner Announcement
Excuse Video Series - Released #4, animated by Naila Medjidova Prov. RGD


Support other RGD initiatives (UltraBOLD, Certification) through the creation of engaging video content with sponsors/partners


Creative Earners Salary Survey
Released 2019 Results - Design by Field Trip & Co.
Launched 2020 Survey - On effects of the pandemic, results are pending


Volunteer Shout-outs:
Alison Garnett RGD and her team


Board & Staff Appearance
Slack / LinkedIn / Email - New guidelines to help identify those who represent RGD across
these platforms


Volunteer Shout-outs:
Jordan Jackson Prov. RGD


Thanks to my Committee!
All volunteering their precious time to contribute to the RGD.


Final Shoutouts to:
Jiamin Lin Prov. RGD, Chelsea Schmidt Student RGD