New Projects by RGD Members - November 2019
New RGD projects

Check out work by Raj Grainger, Anthony Furia, Nikki Shih, Ange Hoeg, Projektor & Compass Creative 


Raj Grainger RGD designed a completely new identity for issue three of Peeps Magazine.
Peeps lands somewhere between an independent magazine and anthropologic journal. Following the brilliant reception of the two issues and after a three-year hiatus, Peeps is back with a third issue. Issue three and the entire back catalogue is now available online.
Anthony Furia RGD (Furia) created a series of illustrations and design elements depicting various music industry themes, symbolism and cultural slang for Artistree's social media channels and branded merchandise.
Artistree is a curated music industry platform for undiscovered talent to grow their careers through exposure to labels, brands and collaborative partnerships with established artists. 
Nikki Shih RGD developed a brand, visual assets and the overall UX/UI for the application and all related visualizations for Babbly, a Toronto-based startup.
Babbly is an AI-powered tracker for baby's speech development.The Babbly brand uses playful colours and shapes with intuitive infographics that help visualize complex data.
John Furneaux RGD and his team at Projektor created for Capture ALS a bio-maker-inspired identity by using the foundation of science, technology and the genetic uniqueness of every individual.  
Capture ALS is a collaborative, international initiative. Developed for researchers and targeting corporate donors, the brand needed to reflect its future-forward, cutting-edge nature. 
Jason Bouwman RGD and the team at Compass Creative designed a brand identity for is an online retailer offering kids books for guaranteed lowest prices to parents in North America who are looking to raise their kids well, while living on a limited budget.

Ange Hoeg RGD designed a monogram and wedding invitation set for a client’s rustic themed wedding.

The monogram in the shape of a heart is inspired by the romantic notion of couples carving their initials into wood as a sign of their love and commitment to each other.

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