Observance and Memorial Exhibit by Emilio Genovese
2012 RGD SoGood Winner
This exhibit features prisoner photographs from a secret Cambodian detention centre.



Client: Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

Designer: Emilio Genovese



The individuals pictured represent 103 of the estimated 2 million victims of the Khmer Rouge. This massive loss of life – one-quarter of Cambodia’s population – was the result of untold numbers of killings carried out in more than 19,000 execution sites, and Khmer Rouge policies that led to hundreds of thousands of deaths from overwork, starvation, and disease. The atrocities that occurred are not well known to Canadians because Cambodia has been largely sealed off from the rest of the world, and little was reported in Western news. In conjunction with the Cambodian community, the exhibit acted as an impetus to create dialogue with the public. Extensive programming was developed to raise awareness and encourage activism to help build domestic and international political will to confront crimes against humanity. 




Non-Profit Category 2012