'Rape is Not Love' Poster by Samantha Dirksen
2012 RGD SoGood Winner
The objective of this school project was to design a poster that addressed a social issue of each student’s choosing. People are often ill-informed about the subject of rape. Many believe that a stranger typically carries out this crime, but most cases actually occur in relationships. This lack of understanding was Samantha Dirksen’s impetus for choosing this subject as the focus. 



Samantha Dirksen Student RGD, Canadore College

Instructors: Shirley van der Staay-Mondoux RGD and Carol Bridle RGD



Taking a minimalist approach, the poster features a photograph of Samanta herself, as a way to give us someone to relate to. The lighting was adjusted to create a dramatic mood, while the imagery suggests a sense of violation and vulnerability – emotions felt by victims of rape. The impact of the message is heightened by the inclusion of Samantha’s own personal story, in the form of a tattoo on her back – reflecting how the effects of rape on its victims can be so permanent. As Samantha asserts, “If I can tell my story and educate people on the subject of rape, or help victims realize they don’t have to live in silence, I have fulfilled my objective.” 


Designer-Driven Category 2012