The Business of Storytelling

Resource provided by Ric Riordon RGD
Since early times we have told our stories. Using pictures, symbols and words, humans have expressed ideas and recorded them for one another. In fact, the origins of written language looked more like pictograms than the letterforms we use most commonly in the Western world today. We now use both imagery and words to enhance the meaning and imagination of our storytelling.


Many of my friends don’t understand what I do as communication designer. They say they couldn’t draw a stick person if their life depended on it and marvel at how good I am with colour. They value creativity but fail to see that they are surrounded by the influences of design. Sadly, that’s often true of many enterprises as well.
Perhaps the easiest way to describe what we do for our clients is defined in the words “story tell.” Helping clients to articulate and present who they are and what they are about – done in such a way as to cause reaction – is essentially what we do. That’s the business we’re in. Branding is about storytelling.
What’s true in life can also be true in business. People are telling their stories through everyday interaction, whether they are conscious of it or not.

As the global economy introduces new levels of competition, the requirement for extraordinary narrative becomes essential for success – both visually and verbally and from multiple sources.
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