Case Study: Bob Hambly RGD shares the importance of client engagement for successful design projects

Case Study by Bob Hambly RGD, Creative Director of Hambly & Woolley

In early 2011 Forest Hill Orthodontics (FHO) conducted a search for a new designer to assist in the rebranding of a thriving practice. In the history of H&W we had never had the opportunity to brand someone in the medical profession and were excited about the potential of working in this sector. Dr. Bruno Vendittelli leads the team at FHO and he made it clear that he was looking for something new and fresh, something that would uniquely position his practice in a competitive landscape.



FHO's clientele is predominately made up of young people and they wanted a brand that would appeal to that audience. However, it was equally as important that the new brand resonate with parents – the ones paying the bills. This made for an interesting challenge and as our work progressed we constantly assessed our concepts, making sure they addressed both audiences.

Concept / Design Process 

Over the years FHO went to great lengths to create a pleasurable experience for clients – excellent communications, a colourful and comfortable environment and a friendly staff. H&W felt strongly that the brand expression needed to exhibit the very same characteristics. Like healthy smiles, a multi-coloured mosaic of overlapping letter "O"s allows the white counters (the middles of the letterform) to shine through. Applications of the new brand are bold and playful, reminding everyone that a trip to the orthodontist is something you can actually look forward to.



Design Issues

We were fortunate to work with a very design-savvy client. The only real issue that arose was a positive one – the client was attracted to several of our initial concepts and found it difficult to settle on just one design. Hearty discussions and some testing helped FHO make a final selection.

"The consistent and distinctly youthful look and feel of all our printed materials now reflect how we want our clients to feel: comfortable, relaxed and confident that we pay meticulous attention to detail. While this is crucial in my sector, few of our competitors have invested in this very important component of their businesses. Hambly & Woolley has made Forest Hill Orthodontics stand out.

"Hambly & Woolley truly delivers what’s best. Because they work hard to understand each client, their value is much greater than just pleasing your every whim. They expertly guide you to a proper solution."

— Dr. Bruno Vendittelli, Forest Hill Orthodontics



  1. Get to know your client right from the get-go. We visited FHO's office prior to submitting our quotation and the client appreciated that extra effort.
  2. Remember – clients like the way designers think. Presenting a range of concepts can help clients better understand how they want to position their companies and it makes for healthy discussions.
  3. Stay engaged with your clients. Ask how their new brands are being received and recommend new ways to enhance the brand expression.


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