Case Study: Juniper Park creates lasting design for Canadian art gallery fundraiser

Case Study by Barry Quinn RGD, Executive Creative Director, Design, at Juniper Park

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection (an agency of the Government of Ontario) is an art gallery located north of Toronto in Kleinburg. It is devoted to Canadian art only, with 6,000 works of art from Tom Thomson, the Group of Seven, Inuit artists and others who have made a significant contribution to the Canadian art landscape.


Juniper Park was approached by the McMichael with the pro-bono opportunity to create the brand for the gallery’s annual fundraiser (which began in 2012), to transcend one event and live for years to come. With the passion for the institution and the arts, Juniper Park was thrilled to be a part of this project.



The goal was to showcase the McMichael Moonlight Gala as a cultural event that should not be missed, highlighting the mix of an idyllic setting, fantastic art, food and culture which make it a unique experience.



Juniper Park fused high culture with Canadian landscape imagery, using the moon as the focal point. The juxtaposition of nature and glamorous visuals created a magical tone, foreshadowing the enchantment of the evening that was to come.



The design is comprised of a beautifully-photographed woman, set in front of a bright full moon. Over the images are layers of the McMichael trees to pay homage to the natural, woodland setting of the Gala. These images were used throughout the advertising and collateral, from the invitation to print advertisements, the Gala book, event setting and online executions.



Design Issues

The Gala raises money for the gallery, but it is also a key tool for re-framing the public perception the McMichael Collection itself. Juniper Park needed to create an idea and materials that would showcase the gallery as part of contemporary Canadian art and culture.


Another challenge for Juniper Park was to create an event “property” that could be re-used in the future. Building it around the ever-watchful moon kept the event theme authentic to the experience and malleable enough to be reinterpreted in the coming years.



With a sold-out event of over 500 guests, and over $100,000 raised to support the future of the gallery, the event's goals were surpassed. The amount raised doubled from last year's inaugural event and the response was overwhelmingly positive.


“We are thrilled to report that the event was sold out and with Juniper Park's help we raised just over $100,000 (net)! Thank you for making the Moonlight Gala a tremendous success" - McMichael Art Gallery




  1. With a project such as the Moonlight Gala, the work is integral to the experience. The meaningful visuals resulted in an elevated experience for the event, which was achieved through the advertising and collateral created by Juniper Park.
  2. When you care deeply about a subject, your best work emerges. The McMichael’s success was due to the personal commitment and connection of each member of the Juniper Park team.
  3. The thought behind the design was to create a brand for the Gala  that connected to the McMichael brand, but also lives on its own. Additionally, to match the McMichael brand, the Gala concept focuses on the quintessential connection between Canadian art and nature.


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