Issue 4 of Wayward Arts creates a ‘buzz’ with bee-themed design from Hambly & Woolley

Inviting a different design firm to curate Wayward Arts magazine each month, Flash Reproductions has created a unique opportunity for designers to explore and develop their interpretations of the ‘Community’ theme. For the fourth issue, Hambly & Woolley chose to explore the world of bees.


“When Flash asked Hambly & Woolley if we would like to participate in Wayward Arts 2013, we jumped at the chance,” says Bob Hambly RGD. “We really appreciated the spirit and enthusiasm with which Flash presented the project and were excited to take on the theme of ‘Community.’”



“In the 20 years I have worked in Toronto as a graphic designer, an opportunity as exciting as this has never appeared, and I assume it won’t again” – Dominic Ayre, H&W Senior Associate and Bee’s creative director


Over the four issues, Community has been explored in a variety of different ways, from the Ove Brand | Design’s concept of ‘Sin and Virtue’ to St. Bernadine’s exploration of East Vancouver signage.


“Community is something that has a great impact on all of us. Every person or organization has a unique position in his or her community, which gives each one of us a unique perspective,” says President of Flash Reproductions Rich Pauptit. “The 12 issues of 2013, as a collection, will chronicle the community of Canadian design and the different ways we interpret and communicate our world.”


Hambly & Woolley’s decision to focus on ‘Bees’ as a symbol of community was inspired by a fascination with the social, harmonious, cooperative nature of bee life.


This topic choice led to the collection of a vast amount of diverse content for the magazine. To put everything together, H&W reached out to editor / writer Michael Erkelenz of Fineline Writers. “Michael helped guide us through the process to produce a comprehensive and entertaining document,” says Bob.


As the magazine started to take shape H&W worked closely with Flash to take maximum advantage of the printing techniques available.



"The entire process was a collaboration between writers, illustrators, photographers, designers, paper provider and printing experts - a true community effort, pulled together by one common element: passion” - Frances Chen, H&W Associate and Bee's design director.


H&W collected enough information and content relating to Bees to create a micro-site for the project, where they have shared additional facts, links and video. Visit the micro-site at


Bob emphasizes the educational element of working on this project, and the value of recognizing the connection between humans and bees. “Between the magazine and the micro-site, we hope you will also learn that, as humans, our relationship with these industrious creatures is complex, compelling and, above all, essential.”


About Wayward Arts
Wayward Arts is a monthly publication printed by Flash Reproductions and distributed by Unisource Canada. A different design firm is invited to curate each issue, changing the design, layout, colours, mood and paper to reflect their interpretation of the year’s over-arching theme.


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