Robin Honey RGD releases handbook on authentic branding for businesses
With over 25 years of experience in marketing and communications, Robin Honey RGD, President of London-based Honey Design, recognized the need for a resource that would cut through the abundance of 'tips and tricks' for successful branding to provide a succinct definition, and answer the question 'what is a brand?'


"I started writing a book on branding because of the questions I got from clients – some of whom had been through the process before with other agencies but had unsatisfactory results, and some who were new to the process entirely and afraid of making a mistake," Robin explains.


With 'The BeeBrand Manifesto,' Robin's goal is to demystify the branding process and help small-to-medium businesses make better decisions.


"Business-owners know that branding matters; they just don't know how to employ the process to provide what they're looking for," she says. "People want to be sure they will be satisfied with the end result, whether it is the launch of a new venture or the revitalization of an existing business."


Recognizing that most clients don't have the time to sit down and read a traditional book, Robin created a 'primer,' that combines a step-by-step process with great graphic design. "Using our clients' case studies and telling our story was a fantastic design project, giving us the opportunity to emphasize how important visual design is for conveying a brand message."


Robin also plans to use the resource as a tool for connecting with clients and communicating the philosophy and process of Honey Design. "Finding the right fit with a client doesn’t happen all of the time. When a new client is already familiar with the process and sees the value we can offer, we are able to establish trust much more quickly," she says. "It has proved to be a great way to pre-qualify  business prospects as well as strengthen existing client relationships."


The BeeBrand Manifesto is available to purchase in print and e-book formats here: