RGD releases updated Rules of Professional Conduct
The updated Rules of Professional Conduct represent the Associations commitment to providing relevant and useful resources for design professionals. Promoting professionalism and a consistent understanding of what constitutes ethical work in graphic design, the updated Rules indicate to the design community the professional standards to which Registered Graphic Designers are held.


"The Rules of Professional Conduct are the very foundation of what RGD is all about," says Stussy Tschudin, Chair of RGD's Ethics Committee. "Making a commitment to work within these Rules establishes professionalism within our industry and ensures that designers' work is recognized and respected."


The new layout for the updated Rules was developed with a focus on readability to create a clear document that could be accessed by all. "These Rules will help everyone understand what is considered expected and acceptable behaviour within the industry," Stussy says.  


"We wanted to ensure that our Rules of Professional Conduct were both relevant to today's industry, and easy for our members to apply to their individual careers," says fellow RGD Ethics Committee member Mark McAllister. "The new document reads less like a legal brief and more like a practical guide on graphic design ethics in action. RGD recognizes that a commitment to professional ethics is at the heart of accreditation, and the updated rules were created with this in mind."


Click here to view the PDF of RGD's Updated Rules of Professional Conduct.


The new Rules will be ratified at RGD's 2014 AGM. All members are asked to review them and email any questions or concerns to .