RGD celebrates our top 10 accomplishments for 2013 & things to look forward to in the new year
2013 was an important year for RGD - find out what was achieved and what we're looking forward to in 2014: 


Top 10 RGD accomplishments of 2013 

  1. A refreshed RGD identity and new logo for members to use on professional websites and promotions 
  2. More opportunities for members to highlight their work with case studies and featured profiles on RGD's new website, updated with more visual and dynamic content 
  3. Inaugural DesignThinker of the Year Award with Rotman, recognizing a corporate leader and raising the profile of RGD amongst design buyers 
  4. Highest attendance to date for the annual DesignThinkers Conference, including the new Bring-a-Client to DesignThinkers for Free initiative allowing RGDs to treat a client to a business-focused session 
  5. Launch of an annual Design Educators Conference to bring educators together to share knowledge and discuss experiences 
  6. Launch of RGD's Expert Bureau as a resource of member thought leaders for media, conference organizers and educators 
  7. Expansion of RGD's Design at Work Program to include Members from the Associations representing interior and industrial designers 
  8. Expansion of our weekly webinars, which provided over 50 professional development presentations free to Members
  9. Expansion of Future by Design to include broadcasts / discussion groups in 12 cities across Ontario as well as Newfoundland and BC 
  10. Launch of 2012/2013 National Salary Survey now with over 3,700 PDF downloads and over 2,000 iTunes downloads from 54 countries


Top 10 things to look forward to in 2014 from RGD:

  1. Launch of an iPad App recognizing the 2013 winners of RGD's first international competition, the Social Good Design Awards
  2. Development of a new edition of The Business of Graphic Design: A Professional's Handbook
  3. Evolution of the RGD Qualification Examination to make it evermore relevant, transparent, informative and current 
  4. Launch of a new National Salary Survey for 2014/2015
  5. Expanded opportunities for RGDs to contribute to the industry through portfolio reviewing, mentoring, article-writing, presenting and more
  6. Growing list of member tools and resources to educate clients on how to work with graphic designers to ensure effective design solutions 
  7. Increased video recording and archiving of RGD events for member viewing and advancements in live streaming
  8. Host conference on web accessibility and develop resources on the topic
  9. Raise RGD's profile with business and the general public
  10. Ongoing lobbying against spec work and advocacy for industry best practices and consistent standards through partnerships with SDGQ and Icograda


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