RGD invites groups across Canada to participate in September Future By Design
On Tuesday, September 30, panelists will connect via webcast to discuss 'The Future Workspace'. Creatives across Canada are invited to use this opportunity to connect with local colleagues by hosting a screening and discussion group in their community. 
The Future Workspace 
Where and how we work have an important impact on what we produce. Sustainability, accessibility, technology and innovation are key components of a designer's toolbox, not only in relation to the projects we create, but also in the spaces where they're created. Characterized by less structure, more freedom, a faster pace, constant communication and lots of room to explore, this new era of work will call for an adjustment in how creative organizations conduct business. 
Join a discussion of how these elements influence the creative process, how they will shape the workspace of the future, and how the design industry should prepare for the next generation of employees as they usher in a new approach to 'work'. Gain insight into the successful working models that exist today and learn about coming trends as industry experts share their opinions and predictions for the workspace of the future. 
Speakers TBD
Benefits of Participating as a Future By Design Discussion Group

- See presentations and hear insights from leading creative professionals from across North America with discussions webcast live to your location 

- Participate in the discussion by submitting questions to the panel via text or webcam

- Connect with members of your creative community by inviting creative professionals in your area to meet up and have your own discussions (and potentially hear from a local speaker)

- Receive goodies from RGD and a variety of industry suppliers to distribute to all participants, as well as special draw prizes

- Refreshments budget provided for groups of 10 or more 


Find out how to host a satellite venue in your city, email


February 2014 FBD discussion group at Carve Design, London


"There is a strong community of designers here in London who look forward to attending design-related events - it is great to have opportunities to build on this and create more awareness of the design industry at large" -- Jason Recker RGD, London


February 2014 FBD discussion group at College of the North Atlantic, St John's NFLD


"Before tuning into the web cast we had an opportunity to chat as a group and have everyone introduce themselves. New connections were made - which was great to see!" - Wendy Millard RGD, Kingston  


February 2014 FBD discussion group at Factory Media Centre, Hamilton


RGD is currently accepting inquiries from cities interested in joining our September Future By Design discussion. Email  for details.


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