Context Creative’s Haunted Canada Stamp project receives national media coverage with ‘spooky’ Friday the 13th launch
Last Friday, Canada Post released the new ‘Haunted Canada’ stamp collection designed by Lionel Gadoury RGD of Context Creative. The unique design incorporates illustrations, custom photography of historical artifacts, stylized typography and a holographic foil effect to enhance the eerie subject matter.

“In keeping with the spooky theme, the decision was made to launch the series on Friday June 13th, under a full moon, in Gorrie Ontario,” explains Lionel. Research, design and production for the Haunted Canada collection was completed over a 1-year period after Context Creative was awarded the project in 2012.

Thorough research went into the details of each of the stamps, which were developed as sketches and brought to life by illustration master Sam Weber.


“The haunted theme is reinforced across a suite of printed collateral pieces, incorporating custom photography of historical artifacts and printed mail ephemera. This includes vintage postcards of the locales represented in the stamps, old letters, photo albums, etc.” Lionel says.

In addition to the stamps themselves, the booklet, souvenir sheet and postal cancellation mark were also designed to fit the theme.

“The booklet cover depicts a shadowy figure at a front door, backlit and obscured through a gauzy curtain with the ‘Haunted Canada’ title appearing as a wavy, ethereal form floating atop the imagery. The souvenir sheet is interpreted as a weathered package showcasing the five stamps. The postal cancellation mark we interpreted as a stylized skull and maple leaf design.”

In terms of production, the unique holographic foil effect enhances the overall ‘creepiness’ of the collection.  “The holographic foil effect must be seen to be appreciated,” Lionel says. “It is applied to key details in a manner similar to a spot varnish but adding a subtle, shimmery colour spectrum to the highlights.”


Coordinated by the Royal Canadian Mint, an early launch event took place on June 3rd at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, site of the Ghost Bride story and the subject depicted on a special limited edition coin, which sold out within one week

In the media:

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