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Image: Daniels Spectrum and Rotman School of Management projects from Entro Communications, winners of 'Good Design is Good Business' Award from Architectural Record.  

Andrew Kuzyk RGD, Wayne McCutcheon RGD, Udo Schliemann and the team at Entro Communications were awarded the 'Good Design is Good Business' Award from Architectural Record for two projects: Daniels Spectrum and the Rotman School of Management expansion.
Flash Reproductions received the 'Best in Category - Promotional Campaigns, Business-to-Business' Benny Award from Printing Industries of America, and five FPO awards (plus two judges' choice nods) from UnderConsideration for Wayward Arts Magazine

Career Moves

Nuria Gonzalez RGD is now Graphic Designer at United Way of Greater Toronto

Ashley Smithers RGD is now Marketing Manager at Marquest Asset Management Inc. 

Saskia Van Campen RGD is now Assistant Professor at OCAD University

Peter C Wong RGD is now Art Director at BT/A Advertising 

Chantal Abdel-Nour Prov RGD is now Instructor at Cambrian College

Kristen Amy Prov RGD is now Graphic Designer at ODL Designs

Petra Cuschieri Prov RGD is now Senior Graphic Designer at Hatley

Chantal D'Silva Prov RGD is now Junior Graphic Designer and Illustrator at Radii Production

Antonia Goga Prov RGD is now Art Director, Designer at Overdrive (Design Ltd.)

Valida Jafarov Prov RGD is now Design Director at Body Confidence Canada Awards  

Michael Linnik Prov RGD is now Interactive Studio Artist at Grip Limited 

Meg Lynch Prov RGD is now Graphic Designer, e-commerce at Joe Fresh

Anna J. Pateras Prov RGD is now Graphic Designer at Idea Couture Inc. 

Jason Sanders Prov RGD is now Stationery Designer at Sun Life Financial

Leandro Velasco Prov RGD is now Junior Designer at Pivot Design Group


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