How to take advantage of your Designer Directory profile

One of the benefits of being a Registered Graphic Designer or a Provisional RGD is the opportunity to showcase your work in the Designer Directory. Find out how to update your information, upload your projects and highlight your areas of specialty to potential clients. 

As an initiative of RGD's Provisional Committee, past committee member Iliana Shabatova has put together a step by step guide for updating images in your Designer Directory profile: 

How to Update Your RGD Designer Directory Profile from RGD on Vimeo.

"Being part of the Provisional committee, I have learned a lot about the many benefits available to members including events, discounts and the Designer Directory. I am surprised to see that only a few Provisional Members have taken advantage of updating their profiles and creating project galleries. I would like to set an example and eliminate any intimidation regarding putting your work out there. Be an active part of the design community and don't let opportunities like this pass you by - keep your profile up-to-date! Help spread the word!" - Iliana Shabatova Prov RGD

"Having been a RGD since forever, I was unaware of some of the new tools for members on the website. In the web development/online marketing industry, being able to communicate our expertise and credentials is what sets us apart from the seemingly endless number of competitors. It's comforting to know that RGD has supported its members so well by providing a powerful way to highlight what makes us unique. I proudly display my RGD Professional Designation on our website, and use it as an opportunity to showcase my commitment by linking to my Designer Directory page." - Carl Messenger-Lehmann RGD, President, Hyperweb Communications

Check out Carl's Designer Directory profile page here.


As a resource for potential clients and buyers of design services, the Directory is a great place to highlight your experience and expertise and only takes a few minutes to set up. RGDs can upload up to ten images (Prov RGDs up to five), list areas of specialty, and add a personal note about why you chose a career in design. Visit the Members Only section to complete your profile now. 


Other opportunities to highlight your work include: 


Featured RGD 

Each week, RGD highlights a different professional member as a 'Featured RGD'. Upload examples of projects, list your areas of expertise and share what makes you stand out as an ideal candidate for a client's next project. 


"After I was profiled on the RGD website, I was contacted by three clients looking to hire me! The Designer Directory profile is a great tool for designers to showcase their work and expertise to potential clients” - Ray Cheah RGD


Featured RGD profiles appear on the homepage, are shared across RGD's social media platforms and are distributed to over 10,000 subscribers with the RGD Word e-newsletter. 


Email  if you are interested in being featured.


RGD Case Studies  

Case Studies also appear on the homepage and in RGD Word. These news items provide a unique opportunity for Registered Graphic Designers to present an in-depth look at their design process and problem-solving strategies for a specific project. 


Case studies highlight the amount of thought, research and insight involved in developing a concept, working with a client and executing a design. By sharing the challenges, solutions and results of design we can work together to build understanding and respect for the design process beyond the design community. This is a great opportunity to highlight your work to current and prospective clients by letting them know you are being featured by your professional Association.


Please send case study inquiries to 


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