Underline motivates collaboration with World Cup Posters

Photo by Jennifer Griffiths


Inspired by the excitement of the World Cup, Underline's poster series helped remind team members to enjoy the design process and think creatively. 


"We were looking for a self-initiated project that would help motivate everyone to keep doing great work in the studio," explains Underline Creative Director and Partner Fidel Pena RGD. "Specifically we wanted to do a project where we could all work together, and hopefully find a way to share that energy with the design community as well." 



Printed by Andora Graphics Inc., the posters were created for soccer fans with design sensibility, designers with soccer sensibility and anyone who appreciates the World Cup, each presenting a unique take on a competing country. 



"After many conversations about doing a self-initiated project and with a couple of weeks to go before the World Cup, we started designing a poster for Brazil and then just couldn't stop ourselves. We ended up designing 16 posters in total." 



To take on this project in addition to regular client work, meant finding time between other projects, late at night, or whenever it could be squeezed in. "It was exactly the kind of creative energy we were after." 



In terms of concept, Fidel points out that many years of watching the World Cup were a great jumping off point for researching what makes each team unique. 


"The designs had to be based on the country's nickname or something related to the team, -- their best player, style of play, etc. We had a list of all the teams in the World Cup, and everyone in the studio kept picking countries as they completed their posters. All the designers in the studio designed 2 posters or more."



"The hardest part has been not designing more posters due to timing," Fidel says. "It's also difficult to find time for helping the project flourish now that it's complete. Finding partners and planning events and other ways to promote the work we've done has been our biggest challenge." 



So far the posters have been received positively by the design community on social media and were celebrated with a successful launch event at Bar Neon in Toronto.


Photo by Jennifer Griffiths


"Congratulations on a successful evening. I had a great time and loved the posters. For the next world Cup the pressure will be on to do all 32 teams!"  - Photographer Paul Weeks


The series will be available to purchase on the Underline website.



Underline's advice for taking on a self-initiated project:

  1. Design for events or products you really care about
  2. Even if there isn't a client involved, keep pushing yourself to do better. You should be the toughest client with your own work. 
  3. Enjoy the process -  don't forget that the concept, crafting and production of the piece is the most enjoyable part! 


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