Identifier Logos now available for all levels of RGD membership

Members of RGD are invited to promote their commitment to the Association by using identifier logos, which are now available for each level of membership. Student RGD, Provisional RGD and Affiliate members, as well as those who have achieved their full Registered Graphic Designer certification can now request a logo to be used on promotional materials including websites, personal email signatures and business cards. 


Identifier logos have been created for all levels of membership to help avoid confusion regarding a member's affiliation with RGD and separate those who have achieved the Registered Graphic Designer certification from those who have yet to do so. Members must request and use the logo that corresponds specifically with their level of membership.




Can Affiliate Members / Provisional RGDs / Student RGDs use the 'Registered Graphic Designer' logo on websites and promotional materials?

No - the Registered Graphic Designer identifier logo is intended for use by only Registered Graphic Designers who have successfully completed the RGD Certification Process. If you have not completed the exam, you must use the logo that corresponds to your level of membership. 


Can an RGD logo be used on an organization's website / promotional materials? 

If an organization currently employs a Registered Graphic Designer or Provisional RGD member, the corresponding identifier logo can be used on promotional material for the company (i.e. company brochure, website, etc.).


Organizations employing Student RGD or Affiliate Members may not use the logo on company promotional materials. Identifier logos for Student RGD and Affiliate Members may only be used on personal promotion materials that are clearly associated with the individual, such as email signatures and business cards.


If I am a member of RGD, where can I use the identifier logo?

Add the logo to your website, blog, professional profiles, print materials, and anywhere else where you list your professional qualifications. It is recommended that Provisional RGD and Registered Graphic Designers create a direct link from the logo to your profile page in RGD’s Designer Directory


* Details on how to update your Directory profile appear here


How do I request an RGD identifier logo?

Visit the 'Member Tools' page of the Members Only section of the website and fill out the request form corresponding to your level of membership. Please take time to read through the 'Guidelines For Use' which will be provided to you along with the image files before using the logo on any materials. 


Questions relating to identifier logos can be directed to