RGDs invited to become Mentors for emerging designers
Looking for ways to get involved with RGD? We're looking for professional members (both RGDs and Prov RGDs) to participate in the Association's Mentorship program in 2015.  


With a minimal time commitment, the program provides a chance to connect and engage with other industry professionals who can benefit from your unique insight. Working with a recently-graduated designer who has a fresh perspective on the industry is a chance for you to learn something too.


"Years ago I got involved in RGD's Mentorship program and it turned out to be an extremely rewarding experience. He had the chance to ask me questions about the industry and I got to show him a real design studio and the work that we were doing. We also met for coffee a few times to discuss design, and I provided him with some advice on his career. I hope that I had a positive impact on his design perspective, because the mentorship program definitely had a great influence on me." - Christine Kurys RGD  


What's involved:
- 4 to 6 one-hour sessions over a 6-month period
- Offering expert feedback on portfolios, résumés, etc.
- Enhancing self-esteem, self-confidence and maturity of protégés
- Providing advice on job hunting and networking
- Encouraging ethical and professional practices

Who is eligible to be a Mentor:
- RGD (who mentor Prov. RGDs) and Provisional RGD members (who mentor Student RGDs)

- a non-member professional working in the industry who has been referred to the program by an RGD Member
- Available to participate for a minimum of 6 months


For more information, read over the Mentor Guidelines.

To participate in the program, submit a Mentor Agreement.

Click here for a more detailed overview of the Mentorship program, or email RGD's Membership Coordinator, Christina Dahl,