Creative Niche outlines key talent trends for the coming year with 'Talent Forecast 2015'

RGD Career Development Partner Creative Niche has recently launched a white paper covering key insights to help employers attract and hire the best in-demand talent in advertising, data, design, digital, marketing and social media. 

"This resource is an example of Creative Niche's ongoing commitment to advancing the professional creative and marketing communities. By providing information that will benefit employers and help industry leaders identify and prepare for coming trends, Creative Niche illustrates their forward-thinking approach to supporting RGD Members and the creative community. We are proud to partner with them." Stussy Tschudin, President of RGD. 
The resource covers:
  • Strategies for adapting to the ever-changing and highly competitive marketplace
  • Must-need skills for business leaders 
  • The fastest growing fields 
  • And more! 


"Our predictions are based on a combination of metrics and observations. Our team is constantly asking key questions about who creative leaders are hiring, how they’re leveraging creative talent and what strategic direction their businesses are taking. From there we’ve conducted a thorough cross-industry analysis to arrive at the predictions you’ll find in this report. Use it as a tool to chart your own path for success in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, where game-changing marketing talent can provide the competitive advantage you’ve long been seeking." Mandy Gilbert, CEO of Creative Niche. 


Click here to download Creative Niche's 2015 Talent Forecast.


Mandy Gilbert will be moderating the 'Talent Forecast: 2015 and Beyond!' panel at RGD's Creative Directions Conference for Emerging Professionals, March 6-7, 2015.