2010 Student Award-winners announced
RGD is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2010 Student Awards. Selected by a jury of over 40 award-winning creative professionals from across Canada and the US, 16 Student Members received $15,000 in cash prizes in recognition of their outstanding achievements in all areas of graphic design.

Award recipients will also have their work profiled in Applied Arts, as well as on a brand new RGD Student website being created to highlight all past work, set to launch late in the Fall. Congratulations to all of the winners!


Awards of Excellence 

BMR Award for Northern Ontario
Meggan Michaud, Cambrian College, Sudbury

TTC Creative Communication Award for Northern Ontario
Tafari Anthony, Cambrian College, Sudbury

Crescent Award for GTA
Marcelo Hong, YSDN, Toronto

TAXI Award for the GTA
Evelyn Csiszar, YSDN, Toronto

Maracle Press Award for Eastern Ontario
Laura Sauer, Algonquin College, Ottawa

McMillan Award for Eastern Ontario
Jessica Rousseau, Algonquin College, Ottawa

Quarry Integrated Communications Award for Western Ontario
Greg Muhlbock, Conestoga College, Kitchener

Awards of Specialty

Adobe Systems Award for Web Design
Ingrid Tam, Algonquin College for KO Music Artists Website

Applied Arts Award for Editorial Design
Joel Derksen, OCAD for 8

CTV Creative Agency Award for Motion Graphics
Edeline Bernal, YSDN for 29

Don Lapowich Award for Print Communications
Amanda Keenan, OCAD for Out of Sign, Out of Mind

Pylon Award for Print
Kaycee Ng, YSDN for Noodle Matchmaker Guide

Q30 Award for Branding
Melissa Medwyk, George Brown College for Fiction Nonfiction

Shikatani Lacroix Award for Packaging
Jennifer Thai, YSDN for Sweet Talk

Zync Award for Typography
Linna Xu, YSDN for Fracture

Ka Wing (Joanna) Poon, York/Sheridan for Make Magic Happen

Honourable Mentions
Brittany Anderson, Humber; Erin Aubrey, Algonquin; Carling Borne, Conestoga; Naomi Brock, Durham; Ashley Brown, Georgian; Shane Collier, YSDN; Joel Derksen, OCAD; William Duquete, YSDN; Shaun Fernandes, York/Sheridan; Ashley Gordon, Cambrian; Heshaka Jayawardena, George Brown; Erin Keegan, Cambrian; Amanda Keenan, OCAD; Caroline Luu, Algonquin; Melissa Medwyk, George Brown; Kaycee Ng, York/Sheridan; Ka Wing (Joanna) Poon, YSDN; Payam Rajabi, YSDN; Neil Rantala, Cambrian (2); Brittany Saunders, George Brown; Silvia Stanziola, Cambrian; Nancy Wallan, Algonquin; Matt Wiechec, YSDN; Veronica Wong, YSDN; Linna Xu, YSDN, Lisa Zych, Humber

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