City of Oshawa amends Call for Creative Services as result of RGD outreach
The request for design submissions to represent the City of Oshawa's cultural events was recently brought to the Association's attention by an RGD Member.


An email to the City of Oshawa's Cultural Development Supervisor outlined the issues with the existing call for submissions and asked for the request for project samples to be removed, encouraging an alternative approach whereby interested applicants could submit previously completed projects similar to the client's needs.  


RGD received the following response: 


"Our intent for this project was to (hopefully) engage an individual/ business who would create an art piece for the posters. I now realize that this conflicts with the graphic design community's approach to responding to opportunities and this has certainly given us food for thought for how we frame this type of “public art” project in the future. I look forward to working with RGD to better facilitate communications between the City of Oshawa’s work and your Durham-based members!" - Catherine Richards Supervisor, Cultural Development, Recreation & Culture Services, City of Oshawa