Updated RGD Designer Directory showcases member work to help reach potential clients
Join RGD – Illustration by Sam Island

RGD has introduced updates to the online Designer Directory, which now provides increased visibility for project gallery images and more opportunities for potential buyers of design to search designers based on area of specialty, region, and other specific fields. The Designer Directory is an online database for all members of the Association to share examples of work, company details, contact information and more. 


VP of RGD's Membership Committee, Brent Long RGD reflects that "the added functionality of the updated Designer Directory on the RGD site will make a big difference for those that have built out their profile fully. The expanded search fields and ability to see thumbnail images of portfolio pieces will make sourcing a designer much easier for potential clients. AND it lists RGD accredited designers first, Provisionals second, etc. I have to admit, I’m a full RGD that has very minimal detail on my profile, but after seeing what the updated section can do with a search from a hiring perspective, I think I’d better make some changes, and soon."


As a resource for potential clients and buyers of design services, RGD's Designer Directory is a great place to highlight your experience and expertise. Registered Graphic Designers can post up to 10 images in the project gallery (Provisional RGDs can post up to 5), in addition to fields for listing areas of specialty and answer questions to provide additional insight on your background, company, career goals and design sensibility. Click here for an overview of how to add projects to your profile, or visit the Members Only section to complete your profile now.