Accessibility Section replaces Design History in Online Test component of the RGD Certification Exam
The RGD Exam Board announces a transition away from a required design history section of the RGD Online Test, and towards a required accessibility section.


"Accessibility can no longer be considered an optional competency for a professional graphic designer," writes Adam Antoszek-Rallo, President of the RGD Examination Board. "Governments around the world are identifying web accessibility as a human rights issue, and are legislating standards accordingly. It is our responsibility to ensure that Registered Graphic Designers are equipped to advise and inform their clients on the legal requirements and best practices for accessible design. I am confident that our incorporation of accessibility into the RGD Exam is both realistic to the standards of today, and aspirational for the designer of tomorrow."

The aim of the new accessibility section is to ensure RGDs understand the principles of accessibility as applied to printed messages, websites and physical environments. The suggested texts for the new Test section are RGD's accessibility publications, AccessAbility: A Practical Handbook on Accessible Graphic Design (2010) and AccessAbility: A Practical Handbook on Accessible Web Design (2015).

The entirely virtual RGD Certification Exam is comprised of a 75 minute Online Test and a 30 minute virtual Portfolio Interview. The Online Test includes five sections: Business, Accessibility, Design Research, Design Principles and RGD’s Rules of Professional Conduct. (In the transition from a Design History section to  Accessibility, Exam candidates may still choose to write the Design History section until February 1, 2016, if they prefer.)


Seniority applicants (15+ years of relevant professional practice) are currently required to complete the Rules of Professional Conduct section of the Online Test (in addition to the virtual Portfolio Interview). As of February 1, 2016, they will also be required to do the new Accessibility section.

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