Zulu Alpha Kilo video against spec goes viral
Five years ago, Zulu Alpha Kilo made the conscious decision to say no to doing 
free speculative creative work in new business pitches.



In the graphic design world, particularly for anyone associated with RGD, not doing spec is the professional best practice. Hence the #MyTimeHasValue hashtag, started by RGD's Student Committee, which has caught on like wildfire. But in the world of advertising, it is still quite common with nearly 80% of RFPs asking for it.


And then last week, Zulu Alpha Kilo released a video that they had made (with all contributors to it paid for their time!) featuring real people being asked to do spec. Personal trainers don’t do your workouts on spec or give away their intellectual property. So why are we giving away our ideas? Like the guy in our video says, "Who would ever agree to that?" Sadly, we know the answer.

Within days the video had 500,000 views. As of November 10, it's up over 1 million. And mainstream media are picking up on it too. The owner of the agency has been contacted by agencies and media from around the world and many of the reactions have been extremely positive. We were particularly pleased to see the story, and RGD's continuous advocacy efforts against spec work, highlighted in a great article from global business news outlet Quartz, entitled "It's time to stop asking 'creatives' to work for free".


Zak Mroueh, the Chief Creative Officer & Founder of Zulu Alpha Kilo, offers further thoughts, and a great list of reasons why it's not effective to evaluate and hire creative professionals through spec RFPs. Take a look at https://medium.com/@zakmroueh/time-for-us-all-to-ditch-spec-creative-pitches-5128dea51d2a. And the agency invites your comments and stories with #SayNoToSpec and visit http://www.zulualphakilo.com/saynotospec/ to see the debate evolve.


RGD applauds the agency's efforts and congratulates them on the success and effectiveness of the video!