Record-breaking attendance makes DesignThinkers 2015 RGD's biggest celebration of design yet
With more than 2,000 participants over four days of activities, RGD's 16th annual DesignThinkers Conference was by far the largest gathering of creative professionals the Association has ever hosted. 


On Nov 12 and 13 at the Sony Centre in Toronto, DesignThinkers brought together visionary designers and strategic thinkers from across North America to discuss design and creative processes, from in-house management strategies to working with clients, from type design to poster design, from Buzzfeed to Vanity Fair.


Speaker insights from #rgdDT include:

@gaetan_godin: Design like you give a damn! @JamesVictore

@merryspaniel: Take. Creative. Risks. @paddyharrington

@AndieLeigh: "We shape our work and our work shapes us." Andy Mangold

@nickydearest: "Doubt and ignorance are a critical part of the design process" @frank_chimero

@evahedesign: "Stay put to see the future" Michael Lejeune

@PLAYbranding: You can do and be anything you want if you surround yourself with the right people. @anagramastudio (Sebastian Padilla)

@Artsy_Jenny: Inspired by wise words from @cap (Cap Watkins) this morning. "Define your ideal state and pretend you are already there".

@JessicaRArt: "Design is creative, yes, but it is also a social, economic and political act." - Karim Rashid

@nickydearest: "You need really good process. And then you can hire. More people doesn't mean more efficient." @EmilyRuthCohen

@sciEditor: There is an awful lot of reading in design work. You have to figure out how to best tell the story visually. @dixonanddixon (Chris Dixon)

@merryspaniel: We create spaces to teach others...they inhabit the spaces and teach us in return. So good. @austinkleon


Comments from the event using the hashtag include:

@astartcreative: If you are a ‪#‎creative‬ ‪#‎rgddt‬ is a must attend! 1st time at this event and all I can say is ‪#‎shouldhavedonethissooner‬ ‪#‎designmagic‬

@Mholmden: Celebrating Friday the 13th with GOOD luck, and inspiration at #rgdDT. Wishing it were even longer! So many priceless speakers and sessions.

@DionneMalcolm: Day 1 of #rgdDT was awesome! So many ideas swirling. Sorry everyone I work with when I start all convo's nxt week "So I had an idea ..."

@Julie_Barrow: Yesterday was one of the most inspirational days of my life. Can not wait to see what today will bring! #rgdDT 

@Willowerks: This conference is just sooooooooo inspiring! I feel like a creative explosion is happening in my brain! #rgdDT

@AndieLeigh: If DesignThinkers were a weekly Sunday "service", I'd attend every week... religiously. #rgdDT

@RichardsDee_: Very impressed by #rgdDT, other creative conferences could learn from this - digital, strategy and inspiration

‏@mandiramidha: Feeling so inspired and ready to take over the world with design after so many great talks at #rgdDT

@chris_t_designs: Feeling inspired after 2 days of designthinkers. Ready to get back to creating @rgddt

@richramos78: Brain’s flooded w/ inspiration & new ideas. Awesome bumping into so many people I haven’t seen in ages. Already looking fwd to #RGDDT 2016!

@Mar_Mansour: Soaking it all in, DesignThinkers has been nothing short of spectacular. Just wanna go home and design. #rgdDT #design

‏@amandabolte: Feel like I just had design detox. Full of fresh new ideas, inspiration, creativity and motivation. Can't wait until 2016. @RGD #rgdDT

@nopixelpushing: Two days at the #rgdDT: *mind blown* by the journeys of numerous inspirational individuals. #designthinking

@sandyhe03: Two-day creative journey has established a milestone in my life & paved the way for lasting MAGIC & BEAUTY. #RGDDT 

@kolbisneat: Last week's @RGD Design Thinkers conference presented so many inspiring ideas! Now to use that fuel for good. #rgdDT 


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For photos from the event, check out RGD's album on Flickr

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RGD Members can access videos from the conference by visiting the Members Only section. This year's conference videos will be posted as over the coming weeks.