DesignThinkers 2016 Presentations now available for RGD Members

Access to presentation recordings allows RGD Members not able to attend DesignThinkers to have access to the talks or for those in attendance to re-live favourite moments.


To view presentations from DesignThinkers 2016, visit the Video Archive page in the Members Only section.*


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The Video Archive includes presentations including Jake Barton's The Future of Virtual is Physical, Erik Kessels' Your Mistakes Could Change the World, Steven Heller's Making Eye Candy Into Design History, Emily Lessard's Branding and Authenticity: Building Visual Stories, the Working with an In-House Brand panel & much more! 

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DesignThinkers 2017
The next DesignThinkers Conference will take place in Vancouver on May 30-31 2017 at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre.

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