Why is Michael Akuamoah-Boateng an RGD?

Founder of Boathaus Studio Michael Akuamoah-Boateng RGD reflects on the resources and support provided to him by RGD that have enabled him to gain an advantage in the industry and open his own studio.


I have been a member of RGD since 2013. When I moved to Canada following my studies in the United States, the process of finding a job at the time was more challenging than I anticipated. RGD provided the tools and resources to make this transition less challenging and helped me connect to like-minded professionals.


Prior to becoming a Member of RGD, one of the obstacles I faced in pursuing a career as a graphic designer was my lack of work experience in Canada. I stumbled upon an RGD conference almost by chance, when I was volunteering at Harbourfront Centre. Unaware of the organization and the services it offered, I decided to attend the conference and learn more.


When I became a member, I was able to connect with talented designers and find the support necessary to succeed in this industry. RGD opened doors and exposed me to more opportunities, helping me stay up-to-date about current best practices and stay on top of the changing industry through the resources and discounts that are available to Members. All these experiences enabled me to open my own studio.

With all the tools available to me from RGD, I am able to offer my clients the best products and services. Being able to deliver great work, on time, with an unparalleled professionalism helps to build trust with clients and build strong relationships. In my current contract project with Grand and Toy, I am able to present myself as a valuable member of the team while serving as the Digital Designer, Brand Services. RGD has helped me recognize the value of learning through the process of working with others.


I am a Certified Member of RGD because it gives me an advantage in this industry and because the Association advocates on behalf of designers to protect our work. I believe in the standards and ethics upheld by the Association, which are necessary for us to keep on doing what we do. Additionally, I believe that if all designers come together as one group, we can strengthen our voice and better promote the value of our contributions. In the end, we all benefit from the desire to provide the best services, highlight our creative skills and uphold professional standards.


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