Speaking the In-House Language
Presented by Jason Tselentis
As an in-house designer, do you ever feel like there’s a language barrier? Do emails and meetings prove to be less than productive?
If you answered Yes to either of those questions (or both of them) then it’s time to refine your language skills. Or if you’ve landed in-house from a studio or agency environment you’ll have to learn a new language altogether. Good in-house communication, and good in-house design, will come about by not only speaking the same language as your co-workers, but using that communication to collaborate with them during the design process.


About Jason Tselentis

Prior to landing in academia full-time, Jason worked as an in-house designer for nonprofits, arts organizations and universities. He also operated a small studio that designed marketing and communication solutions for a range of clients. Over the years he has consulted with award-winning agencies on best practices. His writings about design and visual culture have appeared in Eyemental_flossOpen ManifestoHOW and Print where he is a contributing editor. He also has four books to his credit on design and typography principles and design history. He blogs for HOWPrint and Fonts.com.


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