Why is Angela Simon an RGD?
Production Design Manager at Annex Business MediaAngela Simon shares her reasons for pursuing the RGD designation. 


Quite simply put, credibility. In an industry that is flooded with many uneducated and self-proclaimed graphic designers, I was looking for something that would enhance my credibility as a designer. 


Education is such a valuable part of what we do. Learning and understanding the fundamentals of design and how they relate to everything we create is essential for achieving success in our industry. RGD takes education to the next level and provides opportunities for members to demonstrate their ability to meet industry standards and receive the RGD designation. We have ethnical standards to abide by which sets the bar even higher. We are accountable for our actions and professional best practices. The RGD designation gives us credibility.


I have been a member of RGD since 2006. The organization has been a great resource, connecting me with industry professionals who we have hired to do magazine re-designs. The yearly DesignThinkers Conference has been a “must-see” event for our production staff. The numerous webinars on a variety of topics continue to be a great resource for learning.


Given the nature of the kind of work we do, it is critical for our team to stay current with technology and industry trends. RGD encourages designers to continually improve their skills and techniques.


The graphic design industry is very fortunate to have a governing body that is so passionate and enthusiastic. The Association is always looking for ways to improve and provide the best possible resources for its members and the industry as a whole.



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