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In today's creative landscape, designers often face the tension of content vs. context. How does the user's experience of a design influence the message, and vice versa? This conversation changes as technology evolves beyond traditional media and new methods of interaction are introduced, like virtual and augmented reality. Join a conversation about evolving content platforms and how designers are investigating new ways of connecting users with information. 



Ian Ardouin-Fumat

Ian is an information designer whose work explores new modes of engagement with data. His unusual practice has led him to work on a wide variety of projects ranging from visualizing complex malware networks to counting elephants in Botswana. He is currently Lead Designer at The Office for Creative Research, where he prototypes public-oriented platforms and tools for accessible data visualization and data literacy.


Karen McGrane

If the internet is more awesome than it was in 1995, Karen would like to claim a very tiny piece of the credit. For the past 20 years, Karen has helped businesses create better digital products through the power of user experience design and content strategy. She is Managing Partner at Bond Art + Science, a UX consultancy she founded in 2006, and formerly VP and National Lead for UX at Razorfish. Karen teaches Design Management in the MFA in Interaction Design program at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. She co-hosts A Responsive Web Design Podcast with Ethan Marcotte, and is the author of Going Responsive and Content Strategy for Mobile.


Andy Pratt

Andy has created award-winning interactive experiences and products for over 15 years for some of the largest brands in the world, including Viacom, Samsung, the Smithsonian Institution, Steelcase and Turner Broadcasting. He regularly takes on speaking engagements and lectures, something he realized he loved after working as an Adjunct Professor at the School of Visual Arts in their MFA program “Designer as Entrepreneur”. Andy is co-author and co-designer of Interactive Design: An Introduction to the Theory and Application of User-Centered Design. He is currently Executive Creative Director at Favorite Medium in Oakland, CA.


About Future By Design

Future By Design is a series of webcast discussions featuring experts sharing their thoughts on a variety of topics. As a virtual event, we invite cities across Canada to host local screening venues where members of the community can gather to watch panelists’ presentations, conduct their own group discussions and participate via webcam in the Q&A. Click here to view recaps of our past Future By Design events. 


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