RED Academy Launches Innovative UI Program & Offers Scholarship for RGD Members
To keep up with the growing demand for designers in the Canadian tech workforce, design and technology school RED Academy is expanding its curriculum by introducing Canada’s first immersive User Interface program!


The Program

In every encounter or interaction, experience design is a defining element in how a product or service will be perceived by the end user. In digital media, the medium through which users can experience a product is called an “interface”. If the visual components of the interface are designed beautifully, crafted strategically, and meet the needs of the user, the outcome of the experience will be positively impacted and memorable.


A great digital User Interface Designer has the skills and knowledge to create delightful visual designs that are true to the brand while balancing seamless interactivity and ease of navigation for apps and websites. With today’s growing consumer expectations of flawless, high quality experiences, the calibre of the UI Design can be what makes or breaks the success of a business.


Throughout the UI Program (available as a 12-week full-time course or 10-week part-time course) students will engage in the creative process and learn how to apply design theory foundations to create engaging user interfaces for apps and websites. They will learn the technical aspects of User Interface Design while simultaneously building the skills to work on multidisciplinary teams in an agency, start up, or freelance environment.


The Scholarship

RED Academy is offering RGD and Provisional RGD Members the opportunity to build on their existing graphic design skills to transition into the growing field of UI design. 


Apply now for the User Interface Design Foundation part-time program scholarship for this upcoming semester starting at RED Academy on January 17! The prize is valued at $1,125 and if the winner prefers, he/she may opt to apply it as a credit to the full-time program.


The application process entails answering three questions on the online form. Entry deadline is Wednesday, December 14.