UX, brand and crossing disciplines
Presented by Daniel Soltis
Branding is often viewed through a lens of graphic design. However brand identity – a tool that many different practitioners use when designing a range of experiences – is intertwined with user experience. 

Daniel talks about how attitudes, skills and practices from UX design can inform brand strategy and design. He also covers more generally overlap between design disciplines and what it looks like to take learnings from one discipline and apply them to a new context.


About Daniel Soltis

Daniel Soltis is a user experience director at Moving Brands where he has led brand strategy work with clients including Nuance, Progress and Lexmark and UX for digital design projects with clients including DeviantArt, Swisscom, Cooley, Phaidon and Madefire. His involvement in these high-profile projects has included research and strategy; design for web, apps and interactive environments; and prototyping new software services and products. Daniel is also a core part of Moving Brands' innovation team, leading projects that push the boundaries of emerging technologies such as gestural interfaces and 3D printing. In his past life, he's done interactive product and installation design, taught, edited and studied physics.


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