New Projects by Clear Space, Design de Plume, Frontier, Projektor, Riordon and Underline Studio
Check out work by Clear Space, Design de Plume, Frontier, Projektor, Riordon and Underline Studio


Will Hum RGD, Paul Ratchford RGD and the team at Clear Space designed a new responsive website for the Canadian Bankers Association.

As a leading promoter of financial literacy and the one source for all matters relating to banking in Canada, the Canadian Bankers Association needs to present a high level of credibility while also being current, dynamic and relevant. Clear Space overhauled the CBA website with a “content-first” approach. A simple, filter-based navigation helps users find the information they seek in the least amount of steps. The new design includes simplified navigation, increased functionality and maximized user satisfaction.


Jennica Robinson Prov RGD, Meggan Michaud RGD, Melissa Deschenes and the team at Design de Plume created a new website and business card for Start-up Strategies.


Start-up Strategies is a consulting firm focused on business improvement through all avenues of commerce. The firm was looking to update their website to one that would be easier navigate, was mobile friendly, and looked inviting to perspective clients. Design de Plume created bright visuals with a clean layout that highlighted important information such as who they were, their services, products, and organized the information in an easy to find manner. To establish unity across their communication platforms, we created business cards with the same stark colours that invite and appeal to business owners.


Paddy Harrington RGD, Paul Kawai, Design Director, and the team at Frontier have launched the latest issue of Frontier Magazine, with the theme of stress.

Frontier Magazine explores and celebrates the risks people take in the process of creating something original and worthwhile. The magazine launched in the spring of 2015 with a web-only edition. Since then, Frontier has published two print editions, including this latest issue on stress. Stress is one of the defining characteristics of the early 21st century. There are physiological, psychological, environmental and even linguistic forms of stress, the effects of which appear to be accelerating exponentially with the proliferation of technology. This issue investigates stress from a variety of perspectives to survey its outer edges. Where Issue 01 of Frontier Magazine was more controlled from an editorial perspective, Issue 02 became more about finding that confident, unique and at times experimental approach to content design that the Frontier team is so passionate about. Each issue is an opportunity for the team to experiment, push and evolve the design approach year to year.


John Furneaux RGD and the team at Projektor Brand Image captured Realize Canada’s (realize) evolving mandate with a new name and visual identity.

Previously known as the Canadian Working Group for HIV and Rehabilitation, this organization fosters positive change for people living with HIV and other episodic disabilities. This mandate had outgrown the brand – and the new brand now had a lot to do. The name needed to be easy to pronounce and remember, have meaning in both English and French, relate to its wide range of audiences and embody its core purpose. The visual identity system had to demonstrate the diversity of realizes work, their audiences and the people for whom they advocate. The wordmark’s vivid colour palette distinctly reflects this. Combined with a dynamic visual treatment (cycling through other, associated “re” words), the identity works hard to communicate realize’s brand message.


Ric Riordon RGD and the team at Riordon Design created a new identity, tagline, brochure and website for HummingbirdHill Homes + Construction

The challenge for any company is identifying how it distinguishes itself from competitors, especially in a saturated market. HummingbirdHill Homes, a luxury home builder in the western GTA, has focused on being uniquely energy efficient and ecologically sensitive. They already had distinct advantages but weren’t communicating them as effectively as they could. Besides their excellent process and product, they’ve received impressive features in House & Home Magazine, HGTV and have built a positive reputation among satisfied customers. Riordon brought the necessary professional strategy and design expertise to improve the brand’s presence and position in the market through their new website, brochure and stationery suite. Learn more about this project

Claire Dawson RGD, Fidel Pena RGD and the team at Underline Studio created an innovation publication for Google celebrating the Canadian tech start-up scene.

Go North is the latest of five major campaigns Underline has created for Google. Go North shines a light on the potential in Canada and inspires action through supporting or participating in the flourishing Canadian tech industry. With content developed by VICE, Underline advised on content structure, designed the publication and art directed all custom photography. Canadian start-ups and innovators such as Google’s Geoffrey Hinton, Shopify, Hootsuite and the Myo armband by Thalmic Labs were photographed in a distinct style that is bright and optimistic to highlight the energy of the people, places and products comprising Canada’s tech industry. Check out more new projects by Underline Studio on their recently updated website



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