Top 5 Tech Podcasts

The ever-changing realm of technology can seem impossible to stay on top of. Take a look at this list of top tech podcasts to help to you stay informed on the newest trends and ways to use technology to improve your business.


Track Changes

A great, and relatively short, technology and culture podcast. In addition to the great insights on running a digital enterprise nowadays, the co-founders and hosts Paul Ford and Rich Ziade have terrific conversations with guests, such as Facebook’s director of product design Jon Lax, former design director for The New York Times Khoi Vin, and tech and business writer Nicholas Carr.


The Accidental Tech Podcast

A show led by three developers who cover tech in an in-depth way and are very entertaining. They always get me even more excited about technology and what's going on in the tech world.



Amazing breakdowns and insight on the technologies that are coming and changing the commerce landscape. They have already covered topics like conversation commerce, virtual reality for commerce, and the implications of AI and bots on the online shopping experience. While the podcasts are commerce focused, the breakthroughs they talk about are not limited to the commerce space.


The Tim Ferriss Show

It’s not just a tech podcast, and the ideas range from productivity to fitness to entrepreneurship. It’s definitely one of the best podcasts out there right now. If you want to be updated about the tech and startup scene specifically, then tune in to Tito Hamze and his “Crunch Report.” 


Wired UK

Each weekly 30–minute episode covers at least five stories, which the show's savvy, enthusiastic presenters pour over engagingly. These stories cover science, tech, ideas, business and design.