New Speakers announced for DesignThinkers Vancouver

On May 30-31, DesignThinkers welcomes an outstanding lineup of design visionaries from a range of communications-related disciplines including design, user experience, advertising, branding, consumer engagement, film, social media and entrepreneurship.


We are happy to welcome 3 additions to the program:


Matthew Prior is no longer to attend; taking his spot is David Carson, Chief Creative Officer at Airborne Motors

David's talk is titled, Self Indulgent Design:

David Carson has spent his career using graphic design to create emotional connections, all while breaking rules and expanding the limits of visual expression. Join David as he shares his insights on how our industry has changed and where he sees it expanding into the future. 



Vince Frost is no longer able to attend; taking his spot is Scott Dadich, Co-CEO, Founder of Godfrey Dadich Partners and Creator and Executive Producer of Abstract: The Art of Design

Scott's talk is titled, The Wrong Theory:

The evolution of technology design has brought more seamless experiences, more delightful products. Designers adhere to rules that create sleek sophistication but the result is generic and boring. We need a shift in perspective, which Scott calls “The Wrong Theory”. In this provocative presentation, Scott argues that the future of design centres on decisions that run counter to what is now widely-accepted convention.



The final addition to the line-up is artist/designer/tinkerer, Kelli Anderson

Kelly will discuss The Hidden Talents of Everyday Things:
The craft of design taps into a sophisticated—and uniquely human—way that our senses “feel-out" problems. When we push to assess material resistance, squint to gauge contrast or stand back to feel the emotional impact of a design, we are using a give-and-take tinkering logic to make sense of our world. Because of this, design can be a radically firsthand approach to finding new possibilities hiding in the experiences (and materials) that we most take for granted. In this talk, Kelli primarily focuses on her experimental projects, where she pushes paper to its functional limits. 


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