RGD and GDC commit to creating a unified Professional Designation

We are pleased to announce that RGD and GDC will be working together to develop a single Certification Mark for professional graphic and communication designers across Canada.


At present RGD and GDC both offer Certification Marks for those graphic designers who successfully complete each Association’s Certification Process. In the case of GDC, the mark is CGD. In the case of RGD, it is Registered Graphic Designer or RGD. Although the Processes are not exactly the same, both involve standardized eligibility criteria and a portfolio review.


A single Certification Mark will benefit Canadian graphic and communication designers tremendously and allow both organizations to focus on elevating awareness of the value of professional design in Canada.


Our organizations will now be working together to align qualification criteria, procedures and evaluation models and creating one national Certification Mark that can be utilized by professional Members of both organizations.


“In bestowing a professional designation on those who meet our requirements, both our organizations have learned so much but we must never stop striving to improve the process and increase recognition of the designation to business. I believe strongly that this direction will ensure greater awareness of the importance of hiring a certified graphic designer.” says Stüssy Tschudin RGD, President of RGD.


“This initiative is in the best interests of graphic designers across the country and perhaps even internationally. The GDC is committed to working with RGD over the coming year to see this goal accomplished and we look forward to having much to report in the near future,” says Johnathon Vaughn Strebly CGD, President of GDC.


If you have any questions about these plans, please contact:
RGD Executive Director: Hilary Ashworth
GDC Executive Director: Melanie MacDonald