Congratulations to our 2017 RGD Student Award-winners

After receiving over 640 submissions from design students attending 41 post-secondary schools across Canada, RGD is pleased to announce the recipients of our 2017 Student Awards.


Thank you to our generous industry supporters who provide our winners each with cash prizes of $1,000 and have helped RGD to distribute over $290,000 since the program launched in 1998.




.design Award for Self-Promotional/Personal Website

Winner: Jordan Jackson Student RGD, Humber College



Honourable Mentions: Anna Lin, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Jonathan Collie, Conestoga College


50 Carleton Award for Logo Design

Winner: Julian Dodaro, George Brown College



Honourable Mention: Elisi, Art Institute of Vancouver


BOLD Award for Accessible Design 

Winner: Rebecca van Leeuwen, Conestoga College


Honourable Mention: Kevin Guan, York/Sheridan Joint Program


Cineplex Digital Solutions Award for Information Design 

Winner: Jasmine Leung, OCAD University



Honourable Mentions: Sarah Wong, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Mohit Gupta, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Sharon Leung, OCAD University


Entro Award for Placemaking Design

Winner: Amanda Chan, Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD)



Honourable Mentions: Robin Fast, Kent MacDonald & Quinne Miller, Vancouver Island University; Nicole Lipkus, Humber College


Intent Award for Print Design


Winner: Cédric Gagnon & Maude Turgeon, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)



Honourable Mentions: Jesse Ellingson, Capilano University; Sara Wong, Conestoga College


Greenmelon Award for Packaging Design (Single)

Winner: Sydney McArdle, University of the Fraser Valley



Honourable Mentions: Grace Stallard, Conestoga College; Aidan Boileau, Conestoga College


Milestone Integrated Award for Digital Marketing Design

Winner: Mohit Gupta, York/Sheridan Joint Program



Honourable Mention: Yu Shin Wang, Sheridan College


q30 design Award for Brand Design

Winner: Taeyeon Kim, Capilano University



Honourable Mentions: Laura McMullan, George Brown College; Cristina Bolzon, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Ashbel Ong, Kwantlen Polytechnic University


Fjord Award for Digital Product Design

Winner: Eunice Joaquin, George Brown College



Honourable Mentions: Matti Scherzinger, Cambrian College; Kevin Guan, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Matthew Ahn, George Brown College


Polyester Studio Award for Motion Graphics


Winner: Yu Shin Wang, Sheridan College



Honourable Mentions: Charlotte Lucas, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Taylor Newman-Craigmill, Conestoga College   


Shikatani Lacroix Award for Packaging Design (Series)


Winner: Kaitlyn Goetz, Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD)



Honourable Mentions: Alexandria Fisher, Red River College; Tommy Long, Humber College


Studio123 Award for Visual Web Design


Winner: Yu Shin Wang, Sheridan College



Honourable Mention: Matti Scherzinger, Cambrian College; Mohit Gupta, York/Sheridan Joint Program


Zulu Alpha Kilo Award for Advertising/Promotion Design


Winner: Laurel Benzaquen, George Brown College



Honourable Mentions: Anjuli Macasinag, Wooju Hong & Michal Cabaj, Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD); Hana Lee, George Brown College; Paul Twa, University of Alberta




Forge Award for Typographic Design


Winner: Lauren Holden, York/Sheridan Joint Program


Honourable Mentions: Cédric Gagnon & Maude Turgeon, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM); Alexandria Fisher, Red River College; Laura McMullan, George Brown College


Gravity Inc Award for Social Good Design

Winner: Joanne Mac, York/Sheridan Joint Program



Honourable Mentions: Lyndsay Wybrew, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Sabrina Citta, Seneca College


Haft2 Award for Use of Colour

Winner: Jessica Mena, Art Institute of Vancouver



Honourable Mentions: Kevin Guan, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Zhenzhu Pohl, York/Sheridan Joint Program


john st. Award for Collaborative Design

Winner: Cédric Gagnon & Maude Turgeon, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)



Honourable Mentions: Camilla Dinardo, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Samantha Goh, OCAD University


Mosaic Award for Story-telling


Winner: Ashbel Ong, Kwantlen Polytechnic University



Honourable Mentions: Mathew Thiessen, Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD); Joshua Singler, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Harry Kim, Humber College


Purpose/Built Award for Strategic Design

Winner: Tammy Le, Sheridan College



Honourable Mentions: Mohit Gupta, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Amanda Chan, Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD); Kaitlyn Goetz, Alberta College of Art + Design (ACAD)


Quarry Award for User Experience

Winner: Jordan Jackson Student RGD, Humber College



Honourable Mentions: Grace Walker, OCAD University; Kevin Guan, York/Sheridan Joint Program; Eunice Joaquin, George Brown College


If you would like to find out about sponsoring an Award for 2018, please email RGD's Executive Director, Hilary Ashworth, at 


Jon Allison RGD, Art Director, Jon Allison Design, Kingston

James Bateman, Creative Director, Twice, Vancouver

Starla Benson RGD, Graphic Designer, London Life, London

Mooren Bofill, Design Director, john st., Toronto

Ryan Booth, Design Director, Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto

Randal Boutilier RGD, Principal, 12thirteen Design Inc., Toronto

Sean Carter, Founder + Design Director, Carter Hales Design Lab, Vancouver

Travis Collier, Creative Director + Co-Founder, Studio Palms, Vancouver

Darrell Corriveau, Senior Creative Director, q30 design, Toronto

Jeremy Dimmock, Partner, Polyester Studio, Toronto

Greg Dubeau RGD, Art Director and Designer, Freelance, Halifax

Chris Duchaine, Associate Creative Director, Milestone Integrated, Toronto

Vanessa Eckstein RGD, Founder, Blok Design, Toronto

Emily Fung RGD, Interactive Designer, Idea Couture, Toronto

Sherri Gallowitz RGD, Principal, Creative Director, G Strategic Branding and Communications, Toronto

Alison Garnett RGD, Creative Director, Partner, Field Trip & Co., Toronto

Russell Gibbs RGD, Principal, Russell Gibbs Design, Hamilton

Julie Gourlay RGD, User Experience Designer, Statistics Canada, Ottawa

Erin Grandmaison RGD, Graphic Designer, Bruce Power, Tiverton

Wendy Gray RGD, Owner and Creative Director, Gravity Inc., Toronto

Sarah Grundy RGD, VP Creative, Fish out of Water Design Inc., Toronto

Paul Haft, President, Chief Colour Officer, Haft2, Toronto

Ben Hagon RGD, Creative Director + President, Intent, Toronto

Bob Hambly RGD, Partner, Hambly + Woolley, Toronto

Erika Hamilton-Piercy RGD, Art Director, Matrix Four Ltd., London

Mike Hanlon, Owner, Hanlon Marketing Design Inc., Halifax

Patrick Jones RGD, Design Manager, Singer Cup Coffee, Mississauga

Tony Jurgilas RGD, Principal + Design Director, 50 Carleton, Sudbury

Paul Jurkovic RGD, Creative Director, User Experience & Design, Momentum Digital Solutions, Toronto

Brian Kachur, Creative Services Specialist, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon

Amanda Khoo RGD, Lead Graphic Designer, MediaFace, Toronto

Art Kilgour RGD, Owner + Designer, Write Design, Guelph

Nadine Kuhlkamp RGD, AVP Creative & Advertising, Invesco Canada, Toronto

Yang Li RGD, Senior Art Director, Alphabet Creative, Ottawa

Edmund Li RGD, Associate, Reich+Petch Design International, Toronto

Brenda Little RGD, Senior Designer, Pivot Design Group, Toronto

Meg Lynch RGD, Forge Media + Design, Toronto

Elyse Maxwell RGD, Senior Graphic Designer & Project Manager, Patch Design, Hamilton

Wayne McCutcheon RGD, Partner, Entro, Toronto

Josh McInerney RGD, Manager of Design + Creative, Ryerson University, Toronto

Andrew Merriam, Director of Business Development, Top Level Design, Portland

Genevieve Metropolis RGD, Program Manager, User Interface & Design, AboutKidsHealth - The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Lisa Nakamura, Creative Director of Design, Cossette, Vancouver

Megan Oldfield RGD, Creative Director, Field Design Office, Toronto

Michael Ortelli RGD, Founder, BOLD, Toronto

Michael Palmer, Executive Creative Director, Quarry, St. Jacobs

Linda Pelley RGD, Creative Director, Gumbo Design Co., Toronto

Tony Ponzo RGD, Creative Director, Haft2, Toronto

Keely Portsmouth, Team Lead, Brand Design, Disney Interactive, Kelowna

Christie Yuen RGD, Graphic Designer, Urban Strategies Inc., Toronto

Donna Graffi-Smith RGD, Manager, Graphic Design, Deloitte, Vancouver

Jesse Gibb RGD, Art Director, Carve Design + communications, London

Karen Satok RGD, Partner, Sputnik Design Partners Inc., Toronto

Cai Sepulis RGD, Owner, Illustrator/Designer/Art Director, Ballyhoo Media, Guelph

Jennifer Shadbolt RGD, Senior Designer, Piccadilly Communications, Toronto

Rajinder Sidhu RGD, Design Director, Vidyard, Guelph

Kari Silver RGD, Designer, Azure Magazine, Toronto

Robert Smith RGD, Owner + Creative Director, Greenmelon, Ottawa

Simone St. Aimee RGD, Senior Graphic Designer, CNIB, Toronto

Jenn Taback RGD, Owner, Design de Plume, Sudbury

Nico Taus RGD, Creative Director, Studio123, Sudbury

Hans Thiessen RGD, Creative Director, Design, Rethink Vancouver

Ryan Thompson RGD, Partner + Designer, Character Creative, Ottawa

Beau Turner RGD, Art Director and Graphic Designer, Directors Guild of Canada, Toronto

Paul van Dongen RGD, Design Director, Committee, Toronto

Darryl van Herksen, Director of Creative Services, Investors Group, Winnipeg

Dave Watson, Executive Creative Director, Mosaic, Toronto

Scott Weisbrod, Group Service Design Director and Studio Head, Fjord, Toronto

Kim Yokota, Vice President, Creative Director, Shikatani Lacroix, Toronto

Michael Zavacky RGD, Art Director/Illustrator, McMillan, Ottawa