AGO Small Wonders: Gothic Boxwood Miniatures
This exhibition featured tiny, rare and precious sculptures, mostly prayer beads, handcrafted from boxwood in the early 1500s created in Germany and The Netherlands. 



Graphic Designer: Marilyn Bouma RGD

Exhibit Designer: Kristina Ljubanovic

Curators: Alexandra Suda, Lisa Ellis

Curatorial Assistant Researchers: Adam Levine, Angela Glover

Interpretive Strategies Gillian McIntyre

Illustrator: Madison Pflance

Photography: Craig Boyko, Ian Lefebre, Dean Tomlinson

Project Manager: Valentine Moreno

Production Coordinator: Malene Hjorngaard


The challenge was to showcase these small objects in an engaging and accessible way. The prayer beads were highlighted with large scale photo blowups which were achieved using new photographic software. A 3D virtual experience allowed the audience to travel through the beads themselves, with supporting commentary. Small details from the beads were illustrated as line art drawings which highlighted stories from biblical sources. The graphics echoed the lines or tracery of the beads. The exhibition travelled to The Cloisters in New York City and to the Rykmuseum in Amsterdam. As expressed by one visitor, “Small Wonders was excellent and way beyond expectations… it took my breath away.”



In-House Design Awards 2017