City of Mississauga Leadership Conference Identity
The City Manager’s Leadership Conference is an annual training and education event held in the City of Mississauga. 



Creative Director: Tina Mackenzie RGD

Designer: Josh Remazki


The conference is a way for the City’s leadership to connect and be inspired through conversation, engaging TED talk-style presentations and walking tours. This year’s conference focused on the growing opportunities around the millennial generation, how leaders can help them grow their careers and what is next for the City of Mississauga. The design involved the creation of a unique typeface that would make cliché buzzwords stand out with tongue firmly placed in cheek. Using bright, almost vibrating colour combinations, the strategy was to capture the attention of all generations and to create a design that couldn’t be ignored. The design successfully connected with the target millennial group while also achieving a retro feel that resonated with an older audience.



In-House Design Awards 2017