Deloitte University North Launch
Deloitte University North (DU North) is an exceptional leadership development centre that bridges real-world experience and learning to invest in creating tomorrow’s best leaders.



Creative Director: Caroline Bruckner RGD

Concept Designer: Julie Charron

Designers: Jessica DeVaal, Deepak S, Yuka Seiriki, Tracy Tahara

Lead Designer: Arash Sharifi

Director, Brand Expression: Tracy Scott

Senior Manager, Marketing: Maha Zabaneh



The design concept focuses on bright, impactful bursts of colour that are shaped into silhouettes of people. The design for the launch also involved the creation of an exclusive, impactful experience for attendees of the launch presentation event, with design elements focused on the Fairmont Royal York Hotel, specific walkway areas in the Toronto PATH and multiple floors in the Deloitte building. Teams from Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Hyderabad studios held virtual meetings to brainstorm, review and critique concepts for this project, which harnessed talents from across the country. The design and messaging created for this launch will remain the long-term visual identity for Canada’s Deloitte University and several countries have expressed interest in leveraging the same creative in their local markets.



In-House Design Awards 2017