Vidyard 2017 Video in Business Benchmark Report
This project involved summarizing first-party data findings from Vidyard’s video platform to create a resource that would allow marketers to compare themselves to industry benchmarks. 



Creative Director: Rajinder Sidhu RGD

Designers: Katie Nippell, Julie Campbell

Illustrator: Julie Campbell

Animator: Blake Smith

Strategy / Content: Kimbe MacMaster

Developer: Gabriel Habayeb


The goal was to present a large amount of content in a way that would be easily digestible and ensure that all pieces of the project felt consistent with each other and with the Vidyard brand. The visual direction used flat-style illustration paired with clean brand type and the content was simplified by creating two guides: one for showcasing findings and another for next steps. Animated teaser stats and insights were shared as display ads and as embedded video on the landing page to generate interest. 


An animated infographic highlighting key stats was sent to partners to share. The download goal was exceeded by over 50%, with 519 downloads in the first 24 hours. The report has generated $169,400 in Vidyard’s pipeline and has seen news coverage from MarketingProfs, Huffpost and the V3B Marketing Blog. 


In-House Design Awards 2017