RGD Members review Student Work through Instagram

Looking for some feedback on a project from an industry professional? 


RGD's Instagram Review (#RGDReview) program invites Student Members to submit their work for a chance to be reviewed by a Certified RGD Member and be recognized on our Instagram page.


This ongoing program features student work on RGD's Instagram page with feedback from different Certified RGD Members. This is a great opportunity for Student RGDs to get feedback on projects before submitting them to the Student Awards


Reviewers include:


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Submitted by Gabrielle Bégin, Student RGD:

"Au bonheur des curieux" is a booklet I made for a school project. I had to make a layout and illustrations for a text about curiosity intended for children of 10 to 12 years old, to be distributed in school. I wanted to keep a clean but funny and colorful look so children would identify to the book without being distracted by the design"


With Reviews from Paddy Harrington RGD and Bob Hambly RGD:

1. "You’ve succeeded in designing a book that a 10-12 year old would want to pick up. But the challenge is how to make the inside as engaging as the outside. The layouts are too dense for a kid that age but if you find some great big pull quotes and can break the text into more digestible chunks you’ll have a great project."
2. "Curiosity is all about exploration, surprise and discovery. In order to engage a younger audience I suggest your design needs to be less formatted and more active. Increase the amount of images and consider introducing several different styles of illustration and/or photography. Bite-sized chunks of information will keep them moving around the page – giving them lots to discover. "



For a chance to participate, submit an image and short description of your work: https://rgdhub.wufoo.eu/forms/instagram-project-review/