Choosing and Using Type
Presented by Timothy Samara
The author of Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual, provides insight and expertise on the subject of Type to prepare you for the RGD Certification Process.

Chapter 3 of Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual covers how to choose and use the right type for your project. This content is suggested material for the Principles section of the RGD Certification test.


The majority of this presentation on typography will focus on the seemingly competing—and therefore, often challenging—goals of achieving visual dynamism and verbal/informational clarity in typographic layout. The first segment will address issues of contrast, typographic colour, and positive/negative interplay; the second will explore verbal hierarchy and visual structure; and the third segment will examine each aspect’s mutual influence. A final segment will outline best practices for well-crafted text-setting. 


About Timothy Samara

Timothy is a New York–based graphic designer who splits his time between professional practice and teaching. He is a frequent lecturer and contributor to design publications both in the U.S. and abroad. Samara has written eight books on design that have been translated into ten languages and are used by students and practitioners around the world. He is currently developing a book on type design (Letterforms, to be released in April of 2018) and a visual history of graphic design. The expanded second edition of his first book, Making and Breaking the Grid, was released in June of 2017.



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Design Elements: A Graphic Style Manual